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Leading online spy store for spy gadgets - Spy Cams and Listening Devices. High quality spy equipment, phone & video surveillance.


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Welcome http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk /

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / About Us Here at Spygadgets4u.co.uk we scour the world, looking for the very latest spy gadgets, spy cameras and all kinds of cool hi tech gadgets & gizmos. We search high and low for gadgets of the future. Products that are inspirational, hi tech and original. From New York to London, Tokyo to Madrid, we scour the world looking for the 'next big thing', then make it available through our award-winning website. You'll find products at Spygadgets4u.co.uk long before you see it anywhere else. It is our mission to always be first with the latest hot gadgets.

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Mini Digital Gum Sized Spy Video Camera DVR The worlds smallest digital camcorder! even smaller then a pack of chewing gum, The gum sized spy video camera is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use ''one touch record'' button lets you discretely record anything instantly. Wherever you place your gum sized spy video camera, you will know for sure that you won't miss anything, it can be used to record home movies, bike and skateboard tricks, home and office security, also its so small and light it can be put onto motorised toys like helicopters trains etc plus many more uses.

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Spy Gadgets This GSM bug listening device calls your mobile phone when it detects sounds around its vicinity. Simply insert a sim card into the bug and program it to your desired phone number, the bug will then call you back so you can start listening in to conversations wherever you leave the bug from anywhere in the world on your mobile phone!

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Spy Cameras We stock every conceivable spy camera you need to monitor and protect your home and business including a wide range of spy cameras that are hidden inside normal everyday objects making them totally inconspicuous, including spy watches, spy pens, spy sunglasses, spy clocks, as well as our wireless spy cameras, motion activated cameras and car dvr cameras that can be hidden anywhere for your home security, car security, child monitoring, and protecting valuables etc

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Mini Global GPS Tracker Introducing to you the new Mini Global GPS Tracker designed for everyone and everything. It has an ultra compact design with convenient SMS functions as well as the latest in GPS tracking technology. This is the one multi-purpose tracker for anyone who needs to track their valuable assets or even loved ones. A lot of thought as been put into this intelligent design so that it is really easy to use, so all you need is a working SIM card to insert into the device and charge the battery, and it's ready to use. Built with Quad-Band GSM connectivity, it works anywhere in the world and even comes with a handy weatherproof bag to attach to your belt, suitcase or bag. Whether it's outdoor recreation or sports, such as, biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, etc.

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / A fully working mp3 player but comes with a built in hidden spy camera for recording secret videos without anyone knowing, very portable and discrete. Mini MP3 Player with Hidden Spy Camera & DVR

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / The first full HD IR Night Vision Watch Spy Camera in the world, it comes with a built-in 4GB of memory so you can record lots of high quality video and photos, also Using new Infra red HD technology you can record high quality video in HD night or day, The video outputs at a 1280 x 720 resolution at a smooth HD 30 frames per second, so that you get excellent looking quality every time.  This camera has a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged whilst plugged into your computer or any other power source that has a USB socket (modern games console, USB wall plug, etc). HD IR Night Vision Waterproof Watch Spy Camera 4GB

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / HD Spy Sunglasses with built in Video Camera 4GB The spy sunglasses not only look cool but they also capture high quality HD videos wherever you go without anyone suspecting a thing, there also easy to use and videos can be downloaded to your computer within seconds.

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Wired or Wireless IP Security Camera with Nightvision Introducing the Wired or Wireless IP Security Camera for use in your business, home, or anywhere else you want secure and remote security surveillance.  This gadget also includes an automatic night vision, which will help you keep an eye on people and your possessions with ease and at a great value for money as well.  This is a top-of-the-line surveillance device and is easily set up for wired and wireless use, both with wired and wireless LAN connectivity, this IP camera can also connect to your router through a wired Ethernet cable or even over a WiFi, which will give you maximum convenience for positioning.

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Contact Details Name :- Mr. Kevin Lowrie Company :- Bargain Superstore Ltd Address :- 49 Wordsworth Road, Teesville, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, S6 9AY United Kingdom Phone :- 0844 3511335

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http://www.spygadgets4u.co.uk / Thank You

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