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Professional Heat Pump Manufacturer since 1999 Three Heating Modes of Air Source Hot Water Heat Pumps As known to all air source hot water heat pump is one of the new water heater products which gradually become popular in the market. Although more and more people begin to use this kind of water heater many users still do not know much about it. The refrigerant in the air to water heat pump absorbs the low-temperature heat energy in the air. After compressed by the compressor the energy is converted into high-temperature heat energy for hot water heating. Air source hot water heat pump has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy-saving. Its energy-saving effect is four times that of the electric water heater three times that of the gas water heater and about two times that of the solar water heater. Air source heat pump water heaters have three heating modes: The first heating method of air to water heat pump is direct heating. The evaporator and the condenser are both in heat pump unit. Cold water

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Professional Heat Pump Manufacturer since 1999 directly enters the heat pump which is heated to the preset temperature of 55 ℃ at one time by the condenser. Then under the self-action of the cold water pressure the water is directly sent to the heat preservation tank. The advantages are that the water temperature remains unchanged and the energy-saving effect is better. The disadvantage is that when the water temperature in the heat preservation tank decreases it has to be reheated. The second heating method of air to water heat pump is the circulating type with both evaporator and condenser in the heat pump unit but cold water is directly put into the water tank and then pumped back to the heat pump for heating. In this heating mode the system must have an additional circulating pump. The heating method is layered circulating heating because the water is heated to preset temperature through multiple cycles and layers. The advantages are better heat conduction effect and higher energy efficiency. The disadvantages include electricity waste as well as cold water and hot water easily mixed together. The third type of air source hot water heat pump heating mode: fast heating. Only evaporator is in the heat pump while condenser is located in the heat preservation water tank. Cold water is injected from the

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Professional Heat Pump Manufacturer since 1999 bottom of the water tank while hot water is discharged through the top by the force of cold water upward. This type of heating mode reduces power loss and its condenser directly exchanges heat with water in the tank so heat transfer is direct without the need to go through any pipe. Thus the energy efficiency and heating speed would be higher than the circulating type. Because it comes out of hot water from above it can ensure that hot water is hot water and cold water is cold water. Water temperature is adjustable with this type of heating mode. WEBSITE: TEL: 0086-20-82181867 PHONE: 0086-18933985223 SKYPE: sprsun.sprsun EMAIL: ADD: No.15 Tangxi Road Yinsha Industrial Park Xintang Zengcheng District Guangzhou511338 China

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