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11Super Saver Tips for Grocery Shopping In every family grocery shopping adds up to be a significant expense. There are many simple tricks to make it more affordable. Here are some tips to save more on groceries. 1. Do a check prior to listing Check the food storage cupboards and fridge before making a list for shopping to get an idea of what you need to buy and what you can skip. 2. Make a list and stick to it Make a list of items that you need to buy before going to shop and try to stick to that. This ensures that you don’t shop over the top and stay within requirements. 3. Skip the middle aisles In most grocery stores the essentials items such as dairy and produce are placed on opposite ends. This is to make shoppers pass through all aisles and often results in picking up of unwanted items. So try to stay away from inner aisles. 4. Look up and down Items in the higher and lower shelves are often less expensive than in the middle. Grocery stores place the most expensive products at our eye level in order to see them first. Always look up and down to find less expensive items. 5. Shop with a calculator Take a calculator when you’re going shopping and add up as you put each item in your bag. This helps you to shop within your budget. 6. Avoid shopping when you’re tired or hungry Most of us go grocery shopping after work which is when we are too tired and hungry. This makes us purchase more than in our list. Try to go with full energy so that we can focus more on shopping and can save a lot. 7. Purchase only the needed items “on sale.” During “on sale” we all have a tendency to shop a lot. This sometimes results in shopping for more items which are not on our list. Make use of “on sale” wisely by stocking only the needed items. 8. Prefer seasonal foods

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Seasonal foods are always cheaper than out of season produce. Also seasonal foods are healthier for our diet. Eating with season can save more money. 9. Avoid pre-cut fruits and veggies Even though it is more convenient to have pre-cut and pre-washed fruits and vegetables but it always costs more. Try to buy your own fruits and veggies and do the washing and cutting by yourself at home. 10. Stay away from premade foods Instead of buying premade foods buy the ingredients for that and spare some time to make it at home by yourself. Premade foods can get three times costlier when compared to the food you prepare at home. 11. Shop in familiar stores Try to shop in familiar stores. This helps you to get some coupons and discounts. In addition it helps in easy navigation and we spend less time going through unknown aisles. Go with these 11 super saver tips for your next grocery shopping at supermarkets in Dubai and save your money and time. Happy shopping

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