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Step -1 Campus Dining Scenario Step -2 Emerging Trends in Campus Dining Step -3 Ready with SpotnEats solution Step -4 Features Of Spotneats To Make Fit Into Trends Step -5 Meet Techie Trendy Solution


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Cafeteria-like settings are the recently emerged food platforms for the students corporate workers including the diverse food options and flavors. One of the supplementary platforms is campus dining specially dedicated to the academic institutions meet demands from two scenarios. Today- Evolution of farm-table concepts and handling food allergies of the students and these initiate the integration of local farmers to the app- based workflow to greet them with seasonal food. Future- Besides ordering the delivery is also an important one on the basis of convenience. The innovations in technology open up space for accurate delivery via drones and robots. These innovations require an update of the delivery process. Focusing on the recently evolved trends and updating the interface with the necessary features according to them are the top things to withstand in the ever-growing food delivery market. CAMPUS DINING SCENARIO

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Tech-based Ordering-Mostly smart devices like mobile tablet smart tv and watches are commonly observed in student’ s hands. Integrate the physical food ordering tasks with the mobile application is the topmost tend. Smart Workflow- Staff who are all participating in the food delivery process are updated with the tech-based work environment. Placing the delivery players according to the number of delivering tasks and tracking them is the smart trend that evolved. Digital Way of Delivery Platforms- Automating delivery platforms via smart devices such as robots highly demand the integration of mobile applications with campus dining activities. Assure the Autonomous Delivery- The device-based delivery rather than the man-based delivery is the result of a simple food ordering application. The integration of food contractors with these digital delivery partners through proper application ensures control. Emerging Trends in Campus Dining

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On the base of fast delivery and convenience in food ordering the food industry is updated with several technical trends. The interfaces like students food supplier smart delivery devices and the admin carry the food delivery tasks in a simple manner. Both faculties and students use this application to place the food orders along with the smart search results regarding flavor ingredients check either farm- based or not. Easy to integrate with nearby restaurants to build a new partnership in order to scale-up the revenue of the food delivery services.

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Multi-dimensional Registration Compatibility Smarter Delivery Automated Tasks

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Growing trends are unavoidable in the food delivery platforms and coping up with them is one of the intelligent activities to make the food delivery business running for long-term. Assure the quality of delivery and the convenience in order is the important one. Still More need to know the trends in food delivery platforms make a partnership with us and launch the campus food delivery right now. Meet Techie Trendy Solution

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