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Spotafile is a great marketplace where authors upload documents, files, tools or videos (any file format supported) who has a commercial value. The Author can set a price tag on each file and start earning now.


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6 MUST-HAVE FEATURES TO LOOK FOR IN A KNOWLEDGE SHARING PLATFORM. Truly knowledge sharing is satiating and is one of the essential most aspects in every corporate space to win the odds of over pouring competition from every corner. Therefore the very significance of knowledge sharing platforms shouldn’t be ignored or underrated but must be taken into consideration for a healthy business flourish further… When you look closer then you may find that there is a wide range of corporate knowledge management tools available in the market and each one claims to be better than the rest. But how to be ensured that this one is the BEST and that one is not Well to address this we have brought this post today. This will help you check the 6 must-have features that you should look for when purchasing a knowledge sharing platform for your company Accessibility Of course you cannot expect your employees to stay closer to their cubicles they always look for flexibility. Therefore choosing a tool that can be accessed from any device whether it’s a smartphone tablet laptop is the ideal choice. Two-way process Now in order to encourage workers to share what they have within their heads many knowledge sharing platforms come up with chat and QA features. Here within your employees can comment on the shared content contribute ideas give feedback and post queries easily. Get in-depth analytics system Knowledge sharing platform has the ability to see who is contributing to its growth who is viewing information and how frequently this happens. These insights help the businesses to flourish ahead. Share content with external users You can freely share your knowledge base with members who are not part of your team but are the potential candidates to enhance your business. With the help of a viable knowledge sharing solution you can share content with external users so you can track who opened the email and how long they spent studying the content. Robust QA Process Clients have many questions and sometimes they are in the repetition mode. You can save your time by posting it in the knowledge sharing solution of your choice so you can crowdsource any new information that’s needed for a proper answer in an informal and natural way.

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Integration with other software Yes the integration is very much possible with other tools that you are already using and could work great alongside a platform where a lot of valuable information is stored. Apart from the features now we are going to recommend the best knowledge sharing platform Spotafile that is not just a knowledge sharing platform but can even help you earn money Yes it is very easy to earn a regular income from Spotafile by following 7 easy steps such as:  Sign up at https://www.spotafile.com/ and publish a tool/template  Verify your Email  Select supplier  Click on publish tool  Fill profile info  Upload doc file/video  Submit bank details And start earning… Yes you heard me all correct for more info click on https://www.spotafile.com/how-it-works and get the better insights.

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