Hip, Ankle, Elbow Keyhole Surgeries in Dubai- Kr


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Hip, Ankle, Elbow Keyhole Surgeries (Arthroscopic) Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure which uses a thin telescope with a light source (an arthroscope) to look inside joints. As well as being able to look inside, the surgeon can use an arthroscope to perform 'keyhole' surgery. http://sportssurgeondubai.com/hip-ankle-elbow-keyhole-surgeries-arthroscopic/


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Hip, Ankle, Elbow Keyhole Surgeries in Dubai Kr . Kandil , Sports Surgeon

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Kr. Kandil , Orthopedic doctor and Sports Surgeon in Dubai offers special care for sportsman include knee surgery, shoulder surgery, sports medicine and Hip

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Contact US: Web: http://sportssurgeondubai.com / WhatsApp : + +971 529030436   Email Id : info@sportssurgeondubai.com

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