Discus Throw - An Introduction

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Discus Throw - An Introduction :

Discus Throw - An Introduction

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Before we go in to the detailed story about Discus throw let’s start with the history of this power filled sport. Discus throw is a track and field sport that is played by throwing a heavy metal disc to a far distance. The field sport is one the oldest ancient sport forms, as confirmed by the 5th century BC Myron statue, Discobolus.

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This statue shows a man aiming to throw discus and is a valid confirmation of how the sport was played during olden times. Despite the fact that it is not part of the modern pentathlon, event was a part of the ancient pentathlon and we can date to the least back to 708 BC.

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Discus throw is one among the modern forms of throws games that are performed in modern day like, shot put and javelin throw. We can say that discus throw has turned out to be one of the most modern forms of field sports and is predominantly iconic of the Olympic Games. We can find that it was in the year1896 that the men Discus Throw came out to be a part of the modern Summer Olympic Games.

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However the women came out later to join the sport as the women's competition was featured at the Olympic program for the year 1928, while women were seen making active participation in competitions at a few national as well as regional levels events. A Discus is supposed to an object that thrown and must be a lenticular disc that weighs 2 kilograms with the diameter of , of 219-221 mm (8.66 inches), if it is for men, also must weigh 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz) with a diameter of 180-182 mm (7.17 inches) if it is for women.

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Discus plates are metal discs that have sides or rim lining that are made out of materials like plastic, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber or metal. The edge or the rim area should be smooth without any irregularity or bumpiness. The point that we have to take not at point of time is the role of the rim’s weight.

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When the rim of a discus has more weight it produces greater angular momentum for any given spin rate. We can say that this is the reason for the higher degree of stability, even if it is extra hard to give the throw. Therefore we can find that a discus with a higher rim weight, if thrown with right angle and power can reach a farther distance.

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There are other types of discus available in the market which is made out of solid rubber and no separate rim material. This kind of rubber discus will enable the player who is in his learning phase to attain smooth and easier throw as the weight is distributed all along in a more uniform way.

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