Shot put- throwing and training tips

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Shot put- Throwing and Training tips:

Shot put- Throwing and Training tips

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One of the best throwing events in track and field is shot put and it requires precise use of strength and technique. In order to perform well in this event, the athlete requires some disciplined training with fine points of improvement in techniques.

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Training tips: Split your training session into three phases such as preparation, completion and competition On the preparation phase, focus on shot drills and core stability during those phases and do these drills along with your weight training and fitness workouts. Do Plyometric training, medicine balls routine and fitness endurance training for one day a week.

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Then practice full shot throws for several days a week and measure your progress and performance goals. In order to improve your skills and performance, get regular feedback on your throwing technique and if possible improve your technique by recording it on a video. During the competition phase, split the routines such as full ball throwing into two days and core training into four days, medicine ball routines into two days and other two days rest from all training.

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Throwing tips: It is a well known fact that good arms are essential for throwing shot puts , but many of us don’t know that a support from core and legs are also essential. At a time, make a list of exercises to be performed and work with arms, core and legs. Core in sense the muscles around the stomach and back. Hold your dumbbells and bring both of your arms at a 90 degree angle and do this movement until you become tired.

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Perform sprint intervals based on your fitness and also do exercise such as running and jumping ropes. This enhances you to run and throw effectively. Hold the shot put in both the hands and start with the overhead drill. Between your legs in a swinging motion, bring the athletic gear and perform many throws during warm up session. Then, move to the pivot drill and hold the shot put with elbow pointing out. Put majority of your weight on your dominant legs and keep that leg in front.

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Step back with your supporting leg and then push the throw ball powerfully. Do these drills regularly and practice four days a week. Atleast you need 24 hours of rest in between the practice sessions.

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