Features of Volley Ball Game

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Features of Volley Ball Game:

Features of Volley Ball Game

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Volley ball is a game played both in indoor and outdoor. It is an NCCA and Olympic game. This game was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895, just 4 years later to the invention of basket ball . There must be a team of six players on each side. 3 Players must be positioned in the front of the hitting or attack line and three back of it. After the toss, the toss winning teams serves the ball which must pass over the net and land on the opponent team's court.

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The players can attempt only three contacts with a ball provided in that the ball must pass on to the area of the opponent team. The best volleyball players in the world for indoor volleyball players are Ekaterina Gamova (RUS), Giba (BRA), Ivan Miljkovic (SRB), Logan Tom (USA), and Yumilka Ruiz Luaces (CUB) are the famous players. The most well-known female player for volley ball is Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

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Indoor volleyballs are more often white in color at the same time beach volleyballs are printed with multicolored shades. The measurement of the ball is likely to be 25 and 27 inches in perimeter and weighs between 9 and 10 ounces. The ball must have to be 4.5 to 6 pounds of air force for each square inch.

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Accessories (Shoe): Shoe features and potential will differ based upon what type of volleyball game you are taking part in. A school volleyball team will contain diverse necessities than a game played for the tournaments. For tournaments it must have features like low heel for good tangential movement. It must also have high-quality support and shock absorption for all the throbbing your joints will take.

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VolleyBall Court: On the whole the court dimensions of Volleyball are 60 feet by 30 feet. All the sides of the Volleyball court are 30 feet by 30 feet in size. A line is marked at the center of the Volleyball court dividing the court into two equal parts, with each having an area of 30 feet square. The line is drawn 10 feet on all side of the middle line of the court .

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A number of rules explain the attack line at 9' 10" though that comprises the breadth of the line itself (2"). A service line is marked 10 feet within the right sideline on every back line. This is the area starting from which the server may hand out the volleyball. The net is hanging up in a straight line on top of the center line at 7 feet 4 inches for women and 8 feet for men.

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Principles - Volleyball standards ought to be set at 36 feet apart, 3 feet on both sides of the sideline. Ceiling elevation - The least height of the ceiling is supposed to be 23 feet. If at all possible the ceilings height should be elevated. These are some general things to be known prior playing a volleyball match.

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