Spongellé Offers Bath Essentials for the Whole Family

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Is there anything better than heading off for work feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever the day throws at you? Spongellé doesn’t think so, which is why their products, like their Body Buffer line, are designed to make your morning routine a breeze. The Spongology Collection of Body Wash Infused Buffers® is their eco-friendly line, featuring skin-softening natural ingredients that activate when the water hits the sponge.


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Spongellé Offers Bath Essentials for the Whole Family

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Spongellé Offers Bath Essentials for the Whole Family Mornings can be pretty hectic especially when the whole family is rushing around to get in the shower and out the door. While those mornings might be wild there are ways you can add a little bit of tranquility to the routine with luxury bath products. Who knows maybe the family will wake up a little earlier to enjoy the experience Spongellé offers bath essentials the whole family will love. They create bath products that elevate the whole bathing experience going beyond simply cleansing your skin. What makes their products so special is their proprietary body wash infusion technology. Spongellé infuses nourishing body wash with skin-loving ingredients directly into their bath sponge and Body Buffer offerings for a spa-like experience. The best part is they have a ton of fragrances sizes and options for the whole family. Here are a few selections so you can get everyone from mom to the kids set up with Spongellé’s hassle- free premium bath essentials. For Mom Spongellé has built their brand off of bath essentials that women far and wide use and love. For this reason the only challenge in selecting a gift for mom will be finding the perfect bath

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sponge scent out of the dozens that Spongellé offers. Fortunately Spongellé breaks everything down by collection or fragrance to make the decision a little bit easier and users love their Boxed Flower selection. If mom could use a bit less stress in the mornings she’d love Spongellé’s French Lavender scent. With fragrance notes of citrus tea rose amber and lavender tea as the infused body wash in her body buffer lathers she’ll feel the morning stresses melt away. If mom is often on the go consider gifting her a travel-size Body Buffer from Spongellé’s eco-friendly Spongology Collection. For Dad Spongellé has dad covered too with a Body Buffer designed to scrub cleanse and hydrate his tough skin. The Men’s Extreme Buffer features built-in body wash that activates with water and features fragrance notes of cedarwood and amber. The best part is that it’s good for 20-plus uses so if dad frequently forgets to replace his old buffer he’ll know once the body wash runs out. Spongellé also offers a travel-size version he can throw in his gym bag or suitcase. For the Kids Bath time typically either goes one of two ways for most parents: either the kids love it or they want absolutely nothing to do with soap and water. Whatever the case is for your kids Spongellé’s Sponge Animals are sure to make bath time their new favorite activity. There are a few different options available with each bath sponge shaped like a cute underwater animal. The infused body washes are specially formulated for kid’s gentle skin with nourishing ingredients. Browse the entire Spongellé collection at https://spongelle.com/ Original Source: https://bit.ly/2qFjrFu

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