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To get beautiful skin, it can feel like you have to use a ton of different products, and spend forever getting ready in the morning. Spongellé has a convenient, easy solution with their exfoliating bath sponge line that features infused body wash full of moisturizers and skin-nourishing ingredients. Just hold the bath sponge underwater, and the powerful ingredients will get to work while you cleanse, massage, and exfoliate.


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Spongellé Packs Everything Your Morning Shower Needs Into One Essential Product For years it seemed that to get great skin you needed to use practically a million different products. If your morning ritual takes an hour or longer there is a better option. Spongellé has made a name for themselves by offering convenient yet luxurious bath products that will save you time in the mornings while you nurture your skin. So what makes each bath sponge from Spongellé so special Here are a few reasons why so many people have fallen in love with the brand’s Body Wash Infused Buffers®. Exfoliate for a Fresh Start Exfoliating is important for skin health and helps your moisturizers and other products go deeper. Spongellé’s products make exfoliation super easy: The sponge gently exfoliates and massages while the moisturizing infused body wash gets to work. If you approach every day like a blank canvas full of new opportunities you’ll love starting your days with fresh smooth skin. Just Add Water for a Luxurious Experience The truly unique thing about Body Wash Infused Buffers® from Spongellé is that you don’t need anything but water. Each bath sponge features patented technology—all you need to do is add

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water to activate the body wash within. Each sponge lasts for multiple uses depending on the size. If you travel frequently or shower at the gym in the mornings you’ll love the convenient travel size that packs a luxurious bathing experience wherever there’s water. Dozens of Fragrances to Keep Things Interesting Spongellé knows that everyone has different tastes which is why they make a fragrance for practically everyone. From Beach Grass to Bulgarian Rose you’re sure to find a scent that appeals to you. After all your scent can say a lot about you. And with these fresh and invigorating fragrances you can tell the world exactly who you are and your skin will glow while you do it. The Spongology Collection: Spongellé’s Eco-Friendly Line Spongellé’s Spongology Collection features an array of eco-friendly Body Buffer options that are paraben- and sulfate-free. The Body Wash Infused Buffers® feature natural ingredients like rosehip hibiscus and green tea extracts that cleanse and soften your skin. With the same patented technology just add water and youre ready for an at-home spa experience each morning. Shop the entire Spongellé line of morning essentials at https://spongelle.com

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