Perfect Your Bath Ritual with These Spongellé Essentials

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Spongellé’s line of innovative bath products includes their popular exfoliating bath sponge infused with a luxurious body wash that’s activated with water. Their time-release technology delivers an optimal amount of body wash with each use and will help you enjoy happier, healthier skin.


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Perfect Your Bath Ritual with These Spongellé Essentials For many of us a nightly if we’re lucky enough or weekly relaxing bath is a ritual needed to reset our minds and melt our stresses away. Bath time is your time to pamper yourself and forget about the pressures of work and life. And even if you think youve got the ritual perfected there are tons of different products and bath time essentials worth trying to further elevate the experience. Spongellé specializes in innovative bath and shower tools like their highly-rated bath sponge with nourishing and cleansing ingredients infused into the fibers and activated with water. Here are a few standout bath time essentials that can make your self-care ritual more enjoyable and keep your skin happy and healthy. Brilliant Tuberose Shimmer Buffer Emerge from your bath with a subtle glow and the understated scent of cinnamon sticks and sweet clove that will linger as you head out for a night on the town or a night in cozying up to a good book. The Shimmer Buffer collection does more than make your skin sparkly—this Body Wash Infused Shimmer Buffer also contains vegan-friendly cruelty-free ingredients to cleanse and nourish your skin. Bulgarian Rose Pedi-Buffer

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To go along with your nourishing bath sponge a specialized pedi-buffer from Spongellé will complete your at-home spa treatment as you gently exfoliate your tired feet leaving a smooth and polished finish. This Pedi-Buffer uses Spongellé’s proprietary infusion technology with soothing sea kelp and peppermint extract to gently cleanse your skin leaving behind a light fragrance of strawberry orange and rose. It’s also long lasting and is good for over 30 washes meaning you can make soft pampered feet a regular thing. Lavender Spongology Body Buffer A part of Spongellé’s eco-friendly Spongology collection this Body Buffer has a relaxing scent sure to impress any lavender lover. The Spongology Body Buffer is sulfate- and paraben-free and includes natural ingredients such as rosehip hibiscus and green tea extracts. Good for over 20 uses you can enjoy the eco-friendly skin hydrating cleansing and massaging benefits of this buffer for many baths to come. Pearl Blossom Body Soufflé After your relaxing bath lock in your skin’s moisture and add a subtle touch of glowing elegance with this hydrating body soufflé. The Pearl Blossom Body Soufflé packs a combination of nourishing vitamin E and moisturizing shea butter and provides a gorgeous glow that will have you sparkling for the rest of the night. With a light fragrance of grapefruit floral bouquet and an amber bottom note this is the perfect way to care for your skin and is worth adding to your bath time ritual. Shop Spongellé’s whole collection of bath time necessities at

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