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Naviance: Naviance Succeed:

Naviance: Naviance Succeed Linda Payne 6/8/11

What is the Naviance Succeed Technology Program?:

What is the Naviance Succeed Technology Program? Accelerate student success with Naviance Succeed. Every student should graduate career and college ready. Naviance Succeed is an innovative, high-impact solution that becomes part of the fabric of the schools where it's deployed - linking students and their success coaches in pursuit of shared goals. Naviance Succeed promotes college and career readiness through increased collaboration, rigor and transparency. It is a comprehensive online solution designed to achieve the desired outcomes while measuring progress against milestones. Many school districts have assessment or curriculum systems in place. These tools are typically educator-centric systems rather than student-centric systems. Naviance Succeed is a student system. Students are the center of the Succeed system with access, processing and reporting functions for the critical stakeholders (e.g., parents, school leaders, peers and counselors) that make-up the student’s support network. Naviance Succeed integrates tools for planning across four critical areas into a single powerful solution. These four functional areas are combined with robust analytics, powerful communication tools and a student/family portal to give you the ability to raise accountability and performance across a number of key indicators leading to increased engagement, improvements in academic performance and overall workplace and college readiness.

Four Areas of Naviance Succeed:

Four Areas of Naviance Succeed Success Planning With Naviance Succeed Success Planning tools, your school or district has the opportunity to customize the career and college readiness experience by school, grade-level, groups and even individual students. Career Planning Inspire your students to delve into careers they’ve always dreamed about or explore those they never knew existed as part of their journey to finding those that ignite their inner drive. Course Planning Naviance Succeed provides a wide range of tools to help students develop long-range course plans that not only meet graduation requirements, but also help students realize their ultimate post-secondary goal. College Planning Naviance creates and supports a college-going culture by encouraging all students to explore post-secondary education options. Students and parents are given valuable insight into the college admissions process.

Sample Naviance Homepage of CHS Guidance Website:

Sample Naviance Homepage of CHS Guidance Website Naviance Naviance is a premier Web-based program that can assist students to chart a course toward achievement-whatever their starting point and end goals might be.  The individualized system guides student’s steps toward their desired destinations. Students are inspired to become their best-using the innovative planning tools to chart a path towards academic, personal and career success. Naviance Succeed reinforces the connection between today’s academic choices and tomorrow’s opportunities while encouraging students to consider every option.  A visible path mapping their coursework to their goals keeps students engaged and focused. Students have the ability to build personalized success plans, discover more about individual learning styles and explore a multitude of career choices and college choices. School counselors will use Naviance to assist students in every aspect of the planning process. Counselors, students and parents will have the ability to work collaboratively to plan courses, identify appropriate college choices, make application to colleges and insure all aspects of the career planning process are completed in a timely and thorough manner. Students and parents have access to Naviance through a web site using their 5-digit permanent ID and their birth date. This component of Naviance is called Family Connection. Students can use this tool to have active participation in the exploration and planning of their career. With access, students can: Create an electronic portfolio Take inventories to increase self awareness Research career opportunities Research college options Research scholarship options Review and plan college representative visits Communicate with counselors Parents have access to the portfolio that has been completed by their student and are then better prepared to support the student in the career planning process. The Family Connection was designed to serve the needs of the students and parents while at the same time giving the counselor a tool to insure the student has met his or her goals in planning for the future. For more information about Family Connection and how students and parents can access this service, contact your child’s counselor.

Family Connection Overview for Roslyn HS:

Family Connection Overview for Roslyn HS There are a few sections of the Roslyn High School Family Connection with which we urge you to become familiar: “About Me” and “About College”. About Me These are sections you might find useful: My Profile – Includes basic biographical data and grade point averages. My Resume - By completing this resume with information about your accomplishments and talents, you can help us get a better understanding of how to help you effectively describe yourself to colleges. It may also help match you with local and state scholarship opportunities. My Colleges – As you find colleges that interest you, we recommend that you add them to your list of “Colleges That I’m Considering”. If one of your colleges of interest visits Roslyn High School, you will automatically receive an e-mail alerting you to the date and time of their visit. Also, as you apply to colleges, you will track the status of your application under “Colleges to which I’m Applying”. My Journal – As you investigate colleges and start to develop or refine your college list, this is an excellent place to chronicle your thoughts and questions. My Account – If you would like to change your password, you can do so here.

Family Connection Overview for Roslyn HS:

Family Connection Overview for Roslyn HS About College College Search – See page 18 for more information on how to conduct a college search. College Lookup – Start here to research a specific college. We always recommend that students visit the college’s individual website for the most up-to-date information. There is a direct link to the website on each college’s Naviance homepage. College Match - This tool will allow you to use historical gpa and test score information about students from RHS and their college applications to match you with colleges that you may want to consider adding to your list. Please note that there are many factors which can affect admissions decisions and the results of this search do NOT guarantee in any way whether or not you will be accepted at a particular college. If a particular college never appears in the results, it may be because no one from Roslyn has ever applied to it. College Compare – This tool allows you to compare average grade point averages and test scores for accepted students from RHS at up to ten colleges. School averages are displayed in green when your number is higher and in red when your number is lower. Your PSAT score, if available, has been converted to the equivalent SAT score and compared to the average single SAT score of an accepted student. The column labeled "Accept" shows the number of students accepted out of the number of students that applied. Scattergrams – This amazing tool allows you to visually see how you compare to RHS students who have applied to a particular college based on your grade point average and ACT or SAT score. Acceptance History – To see how many RHS students have applied and enrolled at all colleges click here. Visit Schedule – College admission representatives visit RHS throughout the school year, especially in the fall, to meet directly with interested students. To see what colleges have scheduled visits to Roslyn, click here. Students may click on “sign up” next to the college name to receive an email that reminds them of the upcoming visit. We also list local college fairs on this page, and students can click on “sign up” to see what colleges will be attending that fair. Scholarship List – Click here for a complete listing of scholarships of which we receive notice. Many of these scholarships are from local, community, or state organizations. Scholarship Match – Based on information in your profile, your resume, or your game plan, scholarships are matched with your qualifications. The more information you complete in Family Connection, the better the matches. You may also want to explore the resources under “From Your School”: Under “resources” you will find links to a variety of websites related to the college process.

How Students/Parents Access Naviance through Family Connection (CCA page):

How Students/Parents Access Naviance through Family Connection (CCA page)

Slide 8:

Students , take some time and explore all the tabs and links for Career and College and save your work. Parents , you will have the opportunity to review key areas of your student’s account. After you create your account, search the links and familiarize yourself with the numerous features that will help you better chart your child’s college and career planning. Sample Family Connection Page

Implications of the Technology:

Implications of the Technology In our high tech society that can be data and results driven, Naviance offers just that for counselors, teachers, students and parents. It gives counselors one tool to track student progress, see multiple streams of data in one place, and see charts and graphs of student success and college admissions. (All in one place!) Counselors and teachers can easily guide students through its use and encourage their students and parents to get on family connection and be part of the planning and college selection process. Counselors can also use the data from Naviance to help evaluate their career/college planning program with easy to obtain and analyze results.

Restrictions and Reservations of Use :

Restrictions and Reservations of Use To start Naviance can seem like a daunting task, which turns many counselors off. Once initial student data is loaded into the program, it is really just about getting the word out to students and parents about it, along with training them how to use it or creating online tutorials. Naviance provides training workshops for schools. Programs can also be customized, schools do not need to purchase everything (i.e.: a middle school might have career exploration and course selection; whereas a HS will have that and more college preparation options). It is an expensive program, but when used and implemented to its fullest potential the results prove very worth it.

The Future?:

The Future? The great thing about Naviance is that it gets kids involved with the decision making of their future. They take ownership and pride in their choices and they see how their choices impact their lives. I like that it is a great conversation starter for counselors and students and it can help them really understand their high school years and beyond. In the future I see it growing with the needs and technology of the day, not being outdated shortly.



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