Chemistry in Our Life

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Poweful PPT . Plz send this at

By: vbupsjpsad (67 month(s) ago)

Poweful PPT . Plz send this at

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The Chemical Universe : 

The Chemical Universe Chemistry is the study of atoms Atoms are the building blocks of nature How many atoms are there in a cup of tea? Chemical Science is shaping our future 15 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000

Chemistry of Flowers : 

Chemistry of Flowers Smell a Flower The Fragrance is Chemistry See a Flower The Colours are Chemistry Touch a Flower The Structure is Chemistry

Chemistry in the Home : 

Chemistry in the Home Everything in your home is Chemistry Shower Gel, Wallpaper, Baked Beans… Teflon™ was discovered by accident Energy efficient, colour changing buildings

Paints : 

Paints Pigment Particles to add colour Matte Paints Particles to add texture Non-Drip Paints Polymers to change consistency

Improved Performance : 

Improved Performance Our leisure time has been changed by Chemical Science Computer parts, sports equipment Carbon fibre is 3 times stronger than steel Better flat screen displays

Flat Screen Displays : 

Flat Screen Displays The past Cathode ray tubes The present Liquid Crystals Plasma displays The future Light emitting polymers Electronic Ink

Modern Masters : 

Art and the Chemical Sciences are linked Art preservation Chemistry is art Sense-ational Visual Elements New materials for artists Modern Masters

Photography : 

Photography Chemistry makes the film Chemistry develops the image Chemistry prints the picture

Cooking is Chemistry : 

Cooking is Chemistry Chemical changes are responsible for changes in flavour and texture Chemistry keeps food fresh Most E-numbers are naturally occurring Healthy Cream Cakes!

Ice Cream : 

Ice Cream Complex Structure Ice Fat Air Sugar Stability

Energy is Chemistry : 

Energy is Chemistry Chemistry can be used to store energy Batteries are chemistry The Space Shuttle’s solid rockets burn 10 tonnes of fuel per second Cleaner sources of energy

Petrol : 

Petrol Drilling Fluids Refining Fuel Additives Catalytic Converters

Green Chemistry : 

Green Chemistry Chemical science that is environmentally friendly More efficient production of the chemicals we need 53% of people recycle paper - only 23% recycle plastic Cars powered by hydrogen

Organic Farming : 

Organic Farming Use of natural pesticides and fertilisers Chemists isolate, develop and make these Even organic pesticides are chemicals!

Fashion : 

Fashion Looking good is down to chemical science 2-in-1 shampoos, non-iron shirts Toothpaste and paint have many similar ingredients Self-cleaning clothes

Synthetic Dyes : 

Synthetic Dyes Desired Colour Dye fastness Novel properties

Healthier Lives : 

Healthier Lives All medicines use chemical science Clean water through chemical science We live twice as long now as 100 years ago Cures for Cancer, AIDS…

Asthma Drugs : 

Asthma Drugs Container Plastic shell Active Ingredient Pharmaceutical Spray Formation Aerosol Image courtesy of GlaxoSmithKline

Biochemistry : 

Biochemistry Human body is made up of 100 trillion cells Adult body is 50-65% water Carbon is key element in the body 22 amino acid structures

Body chemistry : 

Body chemistry Proteins-digest foods, fight infections, build organs, move muscles Enzymes are proteins Blood and oxygen DNA-genetic molecule

Chemical Science... : 

Chemical Science... ... is important to us all … is the world around us … is always looking to the future … is more than you might have thought

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