Finding Your Inner Yogi in Burnaby

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Whether you’re on a spiritual quest, healing your body or looking to drop some of those extra pandemic pounds, there are some really great yoga clubs in Burnaby that can help you on your path to enlightenment.


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Finding Your Inner Yogi in Burnaby

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Wh et h er y o u ’ r e on a spiritual quest he aling your body or looking to d rop s ome of th os e ex tra p a nd emic p ou nds the re are s om e real ly great yoga c lubs in bur naby th at ca n hel p you on your p at h to enlighte nme nt . T h e adva ntages of a c ons istent yoga practice begin as s oon as your fe et touc h t h e mat. You might su dd enly fin d t h at your sl ee p improve s your immunity s oars a nd t hat unma nage abl e stress gets a littl e m ore man age abl e. To some pe ople yoga conjures up t he im age of pe ac eful meditati on a nd imp ossible looki ng p ost ures – b ut yoga c lubs in bur na by are for eve ryone from beginners to seas o ne d mat d wellers .

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I t ’ s widely know n that t his anci ent pract ice of post ures aids in flexibility stress relief an d weight l oss b ut there are a few little tricks up y o g a ’ s sleeve. Yoga can help regulate adre nal funct ion and l ower c ortisol levels . C orti sol w orks on a c irca d i an rhy thm an d in people w ith c hronic st ress c ortis ol bec omes l ess variabl e. Staying in a fight or flight state of mi nd c an ca use i nfl amm ation in the body s om eti mes le ading to c onditi ons like di ab etes a nd a we ake ne d immune system . A study from York university found that wom en with fibromyalgia wh o prac tic e d h ath a yoga t w ic e a we ek h ad a signific a nt re duc ti on in pain and a b etter a bi l i ty to manage their psyc hological symptoms .

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Yoga c an h elp you be happi er Fe eling bl u e Rele as e your dow nw ard d og or flow into t h e strengt h of a w arri o r pos e. Yoga rais es t he levels of serotonin the happy c hemic al and oxytoc in t he c ud dle h orm on e in th e body. Do es th at frow n line betwe en your eye s seem to be a perm an e nt fix ture Yoga is all ab out b ei ng p res e nt breathing and learning to release tension. Find n ew fri ends an d build c ommu nity w ith a yoga c lu b in Burn a by. In this d igital age i t ’ s ev en more imp ortant for p e opl e to c onn ec t in re al time. Prac ti sing in a grou p ca n feel c omforting and supportive . The tr ue spirit of yoga is karm a yoga a prac tic e of hum bling yours elf a n d ser ving your fellow people.

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Yoga is also taking care of yours elf an d your body. I t ’ s all ab ou t sel f c are. It can rej uven ate you w hic h can inc re as e your p roductivity in other are as and im prove your foc us . Your pra c tic e is all a b out YO U. Your c lass is your time and your time is precious . Find your i nn er yogi in Burn a by and fe el the benefits on the mat and beyond the mat.

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Address: Unit 108 – 1899 Rosser Ave Burnaby BC Near 4399 Lougheed Hw y Phone no: 604-299-2484 Email id: infospinandyin.Com Website: Contact Us:

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