How To Get Rid Of Slip Disc Without Surgery

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Here is the list of some tips which helps you to get rid of slip disc without surgery. Please try all these natural methods to get rid of slip disc. While the pain from slip disc is typically resolved in 5-6 weeks. If you find that your slip disc problem persists for 6 weeks or longer even after an initial injury then you should go for the orthopedic specialist. Also, if you’re looking for the slip disc treatment in Pune, then just go to the Spinalogy Clinic for immediate relief.


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How To Get Rid Of Slip Disc Without Surgery Are you suffering from slip disc Nowadays slip discs are a common problem seen in adults due to poor posture trauma or muscle weaknesses. Always remember to see a slip disc pain therapist if you experience slip disc pain that doesn’t relieve many days of exercise rest. Here is the list of the following methods which helps you to get rid of slip disc without surgery: • Exercise: Exercise plays an important role in treating the slip disc. Stretches back muscle strengthening exercises helps in stabilizing the spine. • Medication: To reduce the pain cramps in the surrounding muscle usually pain killers sprays are prescribed by the orthopedic doctors. You have to take medication regularly but if you found any side effects immediately inform your doctor. • Splinting: A bulging disc may be painful. If you’re suffering from disc bulge usually a lumbosacral belt is prescribed to these patients. But you have to consult with your doctor

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before using the lumbosacral belt. Besides this you shouldn’t be much dependent on these splints because they aren’t much safer and tend to make bones osteoporotic. • Rest: Rest is very important in healing the slip disc but most of the people ignored it. You need to take proper rest for healing the damaged structures in the spine. • Precautions: Everyone knows precaution is better than cure. To pick up any object you need to take some precautions. While sleeping you must take care of your sleeping position. The prone position should be avoided. Moreover the best way to consult a doctor rather than simply trying the new ways. So if you’re looking for slip disc treatment in Pune do check out Spinalogy Clinic.

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