Evaluation of SEO From 2003 to 2013

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Evaluation of SEO From 2003 to 2013:

Evaluation of SEO From 2003 to 2013 Hey SEO s! To Know Where You Are , Know Where You Started… www.spiderinfomedia.com

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It is said that we SEO people are Tied to the Fate of Google Yes, off course! It is proven that the past, present and future of SEO relay on Google's updates and algorithms. Hence the SEOs have no choice but to evolve and adapt, or risk failure to deliver. And it is a unwritten fate that SEO future will also be tied with Google www.spiderinfomedia.com

So we must have some knowledge where the SEO has been instead where it’s going?:

So we must have some knowledge where the SEO has been instead where it’s going? www.spiderinfomedia.com

Major Events Which Shaped SEO:

Major Events Which Shaped SEO www.spiderinfomedia.com

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February 2003 Google launches its Hilltop algorithm, which is used to find search queries from the most authoritative websites . August 2005 Google files patent for Agent Rank ( AuthorRank ) , a method of attributing content, credit and authority to digital signatures owned by creators of that content. www.spiderinfomedia.com

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December 2010 Google and Bing admit to using social signals to determine rank in search engines, which changes how SEOs approach content creation and engagement in the digital space. February 2011 Google launches its Panda update , which targets poorly written content that pollutes organic search engine results. This was the first successful attempt to understand content quality algorithmically. www.spiderinfomedia.com

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June 2011 Google launches its Google+ social media platform and lays the foundation for Author Rank . October 2011 Google begins encrypting keyword data . As a result, search query info is limited to SEOs. www.spiderinfomedia.com

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November 2011 Google releases Caffeine update “Freshness,” launched in June 2010, which gives higher priority to newer, more relevant content did not significantly affect the SEO industry. April 2012 Google unveils its Penguin update , which targets site-wide links as well as links from low-quality websites. It focuses on quality references rather than counting the number of links. www.spiderinfomedia.com

Out with the Old, In with the New:

Out with the Old, In with the New While traditional SEO practices are still prevalent today, the conditions and events listed above have given rise to a new era of SEO that is much more focused on the overall user experience, and less on the search engine itself. www.spiderinfomedia.com

Some of the older SEO techniques:

Some of the older SEO techniques SEO Programming Competitor Audits Keywords SEO Architecture On page Sculpting Technical SEO Content Farms Link Building Keyword Stuffed Content Content Marketing www.spiderinfomedia.com

A New Era of SEO:

A New Era of SEO Content Marketing Technical SEO Social Media Online PR Delivering Content that is useful, Helpful and Entertaining Optimize for the user not for the Search Engine Engage your Audience with two way communication Earn your market place’s undivided Attention www.spiderinfomedia.com

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So it is must to adapt yourself to the changes in the SEO Strategy and make balance your website in the top positions www.spiderinfomedia.com


www.spiderinfomedia.com Info given by The Spider Infomedia For your Brand Improvement www.spiderinfomedia.com Thank you!

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