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Elton Marcus says you’re hired…:

Elton M arcus says you’re hired… OR PLACE YOURSELF IN THE PERFECT JOB WITHIN 30 DAYS


LEARNING FROM THE MASTER Hi, my name is Elton Marcus, and I am going to show you how you can land that perfect job. The job that is tailored specifically for you. I am going to provide you with all the information you need in this video for FREE . You may even consider this your dream job opportunity.

Who Am I And Why I Am Making This Available To You For FREE?:

Who Am I And Why I Am Making This Available To You For FREE ? I am the Founder and Retired CEO of Management Recruiters International and Sales Consultants International, the largest search firm in the world. I have placed thousands of Sales and Marketing men & women just like you.

And Now…It’s Time To Pay It Forward:

And Now…It’s Time To Pay It Forward I want to teach you the exact steps that I used to place thousands of others….. …..at absolutely no cost to you. Everything in this video presentation is my gift to you!

PowerPoint Presentation:

At the end of this video you will be able to download my sample resume along with other valuable materials that you can use as templates for your all your job searching needs. These will help you land that ideal job you have been looking for.

Here Are Some Points To Consider About YOUR Resume:

Here Are Some Points To Consider About YOUR Resume You may think it’s good It may contain too many pages It may be too descriptive It may have a lot of meaningless information It may look like job descriptions It may lack your accomplishments It may ramble It may not sell YOU!!! However…

My Style Is Better And It Gets Results:

My Style Is Better And It Gets Results It’s a Rocket-Fueled 1 page Resume It Sells your abilities with less description It Gives Only Essential information It Sells Your accomplishments It Sells what you can bring to the next company It has Relevance

My Sample Resume Provides The Following Information:

My Sample Resume Provides The Following Information A meaningful profile of you. A summary of your accomplishments Exactly what your old employers do Each company’s sales volume and number of employees Your accomplishments Contacts you can bring to a new employer Relevance

Why Is This Style So Important?:

Why Is This Style So Important? The reason the number of employees and sales volume of past employers is so important is because it provides RELEVANCE . Believe it or not companies seeking potential candidates to fill specific positions look for that data . This resume sells what YOU can bring to that next company.

It’s All About RELEVANCE!!!:

It’s All About RELEVANCE !!! Listing your accomplishments Properly is key to your success. For example: You could say “ I won the President’s Award” ( 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 300) or “I was second in sales” (second out of 2 or second out of 200). It makes a big difference.

Here Is What I Am Going To Provide To You Today For Absolutely FREE:

Here Is What I Am Going To Provide To You Today For Absolutely FREE My Rocket-Fueled sample resume that you can use anyway you want A copy of how to write killer reference letters Key points on what things to say and not say during your interview. Like relocation preferences, travel and much, much more.

One Final Word:

One Final Word Use my rocket-fueled resume as a guide to create your own high-powered resume that will land you that ideal position you’ve been waiting for . Download my sample rocket-fueled resume NOW…Simply enter the requested information into the box to your right.

PowerPoint Presentation:

It’s not the best person that gets the job, but the one that APPEARS to be the best. I personally placed thousands of Salesmen and Saleswomen in great positions. You can certainly place one sales person… YOU!!! Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Remember…

Presenting The Ideal Job:

Presenting The Ideal Job Part 2

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