Easy Ways to Lower my Electric Bill


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Electricity can be one of the most expensive utilities you have to pay for to keep your home or business running. Learn some the easy options that lower your electric bills.


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Easy Ways to Lower my Electric Bill Electricity can be one of the most expensive utilities you have to pay for to keep your home or business running and there is truly no way to live without it in today’s world. Sometimes it may seem as if there is no way to lower the bill and certain things will even increase it (such as extreme weather that requires frequent air conditioning or heating). If you find yourself asking “How can I lower my electric bill?” then the good news is that there are actually plenty of easy things that can be done. Here are some of the easiest options that will save you money each month.

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Time Appliance Use Some people don’t realize it but electric companies have what are known as peak hours during which their rates can increase from 30 to 60% depending on your location and the company. A great way to lower my electric bill, or anyone’s for that matter, is to carefully time when to use appliances. Ideally larger items should only be used during off-peak hours (if possible). Another thing to pay attention to is the appliances that generate heat such as ovens, clothes dryers and dishwashers. When these appliances are used during the heat of the day, the air conditioning has to work extra hard, costing more money. When using them at night, however, the home is usually already cooler than during the day so it doesn’t have as much effect on the temperature or AC.

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Lower the Heat Many experts will say things like “I lower my electric bill by using cold water for my washing machine”, and this is a great method. Some estimates even put money savings at switching to cold water at around $150 a year and although that might not seem like much in the scheme of expenses, it can add up over the years. You can also opt for lower heat settings on some dishwashers and other appliances and this simple decision will increase the savings.

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Turn Off Appliances One of the easiest things to do to answer the question “How can I lower my electric bill?” is to unplug and turn off appliances. Some people don’t realize it, but even something as simple as leaving a cell phone plugged in overnight can end up costing a great deal of money in the course of a year. Larger items such as televisions and desktop computers can use up even more energy when left on overnight so you should always make an effort to turn off and unplug items that aren’t in use.

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