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Spencer Niles, as a professional photographer, has worked with many photographers and photojournalists over his many years working in the field. He has traveled to some of the most dangerous and remote places on Earth in search of the shot that will define the reality of whatever situation he has been sent to document. Niles has built a career around being willing to shoot in any situation.


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Spencer Niles Professional Photographer Spencer Niles has spent his professional life behind a camera, taking pictures for a wide range of clients. He started as a wedding photographer, working part time to help pay the bills .


Spencer Niles Creative Photographer In addition to working with many magazines and other publications who have paid him for his photojournalistic work, Spencer Niles is also a successful artist. He has sold many of his prints to many collectors over time. When he has some time off from traveling the world, Niles focuses on everyday items and moments that make up our regular lives.


Spencer Niles Finding the Perfect Shots Spencer Niles has always had a knack for finding the perfect shots his clients and his collectors are looking for. Niles has spent two decades traveling the world and photographing some of the wildest and most dangerous places on the planet, and he plans to continue his work for another two decades. Niles is a perfectionist who is always ready to photograph a special moment. Spencer Niles has built a career out of traveling and photographing some of the world’s most dire political and ecological situations One of his hallmarks as a photographer in terms of style is his ability to capture the most natural and heartbreaking candid shots he can. Niles is always ready to use his camera to get the perfect shot, not only for his clients and buyers, but for his personal collection.


Spencer Niles Freelance Photojournalist Spencer Niles rose from wedding photographer to well-known freelance photojournalist over two decades of working as a photographer. Niles has always loved to be behind the camera, since he was a boy. When he got an opportunity to take pictures for a living, he jumped at the chance. Over twenty years later, he is a successful freelance photojournalist working for large clients.


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