21st Century Learners

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21st Century Learners and Classrooms:

21 st Century Learners and Classrooms Spencer Cornett

How do you define the 21st Century Learner?:

How do you define the 21 st Century Learner? Combining content with knowledge to develop skills “ Twenty-first-century learning means that students master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information  .”- Barnett Berry Thinking outside the box…? Creative thinking…? Asking questions frequently…?

What about 21st Century Classrooms? :

What about 21 st Century Classrooms? More technology ( Computers, IWB, Tablet Devices, etc.) Greater teacher interaction Collaboration among students Connected Blogs Online Interaction

Other Learners?....Teachers!:

Other Learners?....Teachers! Active…Don’t stay stagnant! Learning as much as students Collaboration among teachers Always moving forward in professional development “Stay ahead of the competition”

Standards & Curriculum :

Standards & Curriculum Common Core New State Standards “Explain WHY” No more YES &NO answers

How does this differ from before? :

How does this differ from before? Before : Learn to repeat Study just for tests Graded on test taking Less technology present More stagnant teachers….DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO! MORE RECESS…really the best thing ever!

Future of the 21st Century Learner :

Future of the 21 st Century Learner More emphasis on critical thinking More involvement in active learning Field Work at younger ages

Advantages to New Learning:

Advantages to N ew Learning Students are learning more material at faster rates Students are learning how to think, not what to think Learning how to use and implement multiple types of technology

Disadvantages :

Disadvantages As of now: Still issues with testing Too much technology can cause hindrance Lack of physical activity As for the future, we can only wait and see

Full Speed Ahead:

Full Speed Ahead The education system is constantly growing These students are experiencing far more advanced strategies each year Each year brings new types of jobs and a righter future

References & Resources:

References & Resources http://connectededucators.org/kickoff-21st-century-classroom-management/ http :// www.edweek.org/tsb/articles/2010/10/12/01panel.h04.html http://edtechteacher.org/ http ://www.nea.org/home/46989.htm

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