3 Types of Reading

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3 Types of Reading : 

3 Types of Reading Scanning, Skimming, and Study Reading

Scanning : 

Scanning Searching for specific details Looking up a phone number in a phone book Finding a specific event on a timeline

How to Scan : 

How to Scan Learn Document Layout Subheadings and Topics Search quickly for key words or letters Find thought pattern or flow of the document Understand index, chapter and glossary layout

Skimming : 

Skimming Reading quickly to get main ideas Read two to three times faster than normal with 40-50% comprehension Good for reviewing main ideas and concepts you already know Evaluating documents for information and usefulness

How to Skim : 

How to Skim Find the main idea Read first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph Identify bolded words and subheadings Use background knowledge of a topic to embellish details

Study Reading : 

Study Reading Active reading and “going deep” into a textbook or document to learn information for the first time. Read while analyzing and categorizing information to gain in-depth knowledge SQ3R, KWLL, and Cornell

How to Study Read : 

How to Study Read Take detailed notes and create a study guide as you go along Stay actively attentive to what you’re reading and try to block out outside thoughts Pay particular attention to main ideas and cause-effect relationships

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Identify a reading method before you sit down to tackle each document Practice, practice, practice! Save important reading for times when you are most attentive Learn speed reading! http://www.free-speed-reading.com

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