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Beverage Juice:

Beverage Juice Orange Juice


R eferences Franke AA, Cooney RV, Henning SM, Custer LJ. Bioavailability and antioxidant effects of orange juice components in humans. J Agric Food Chem. 29 June 2005;53(13):5170-8 .

Beverage Juice:

Beverage Juice Juice one of the oldest drinks around since decades, is a liquid that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables. Juice is also referred to liquids that are flavored with these and other biological food sources such as meat and seafood. Juice is commonly consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient or flavoring In foods . Juice is prepared by automatically squeezing or saturating fruit or vegetable flesh without the application of heat or thinners. For example, orange juice is the liquid extract of the fruit of the orange tree, and tomato juice is the liquid that results from pressing the fruit of the tomato plant.

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