Top 5 tips on how to practice for IELTS

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0 1 0 3 F i v e T i p s o n H o w t o P r a c t i c e f o r I E L T S To stand out with the highest marks in the speaking test you need to be acquainted with the practical application of the English language. This exam is about proving to the IELTS examiner that you can communicate your thoughts clearly and naturally and that comes from Practice. You need to have both the skill and the experience. Pronunciation and usage of words properly cannot be done overnight. It can be made fluent with practice and frequent usage. Be cautious with your vocabulary 25 of the total score accounts for vocabulary in IELTS so make sure to be apt sure and confident on the usage of vocabulary. For IELTS use simple language with a good vocabulary. Fancy words or too complicated words can hamper your grammar. For having extensive and diversified knowledge of IELTS join SpeakEng India which offers the most efficient IELTS courses in Bangalore Practice will make you perfect Immerse in the ‘English environment’ Learning vocabulary is a slow process Avoid fancy or complicated words 0 2 0 4 0 5 w w w . s p e a k e n g i n d i a . c o m i n f o S p e a k e n g i n d i a . c o m

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