9 Steps to Ensure Real-Time Email Marketing


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http://www.spanglobalservices.com/email-lists/ Span Global Services explains some best email practices. The first step is to strategize carefully in close coordination to your customer needs. And then as you follow updated methods like sending mails to a verified and oft updated email list, it adds value to integrate technologies like automation, segmentation and artificial intelligence to your campaign. Email Us: info@spanglobalservices.com Website: http://www.spanglobalservices.com/email-lists/


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9 Begin with a strategy based on customer needs. Integrates marketing technology to address the real-time. omni-channel customer journey Collect customer insights in creative and meaningful manner Ask customers to share little personal information. Gather contextual data you Segment your audience based on the most useful data Captured Organizing data around customer personas to understand customers and predict behaviours. Use Delved insights personalize real-time cutomer emails Continually update segments or personas Repeat the process to capture more behaviours preferences for your customers STEPS ENSURE to REAL-TIME EMAIL MARKETING 01 03 06 07 09 02 05 04 08

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