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Comfortable and stylish office furniture makes a great first impression on potential clients and keeps employee morale high. It's important to clean them regularly. Here are some good tips to maintain your furniture and made them look new and fresh.


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Slide 1: Welcome To Spandan Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Slide 2: About Us As one of the only true Turn Key office interiors firm, SPANDAN has been successfully meeting the facility needs of leading companies since 1985. we specialize in Sustainable Design, Green Construction Principles, Highly Ergonomic Furniture Solutions and "Off-the-shelf" solutions. With expertise in every facet of Turn Key Interior, SPANDAN offers its "OTIS" solution to a wide range of industries, including life science, high tech, banking, law, manufacturing, government, health and medical services, communications and education .

Slide 3: 3 Office Furniture Maintenance Tips

Slide 4: If there’s one thing that’s going to maximize your return on investment, it’s office furniture maintenance. Take care of your furniture, and it will give you many years of satisfactory performance. Don’t take care of it, and it won’t be long before you’re buying new furniture. The choice is clear. So how do you take good care of your office furniture? Fortunately, it’s not too hard. In this presentation we’ll cover standard maintenance strategies that will keep your furniture working hard for a long time. Keep on reading to learn more !

Slide 5: Read the warranty

Slide 6: Before you do anything, always read the manufacturer’s warranty. You might think it’s fine to use a certain cleaning product, only to find out that doing so would void the warranty. The last thing you want to do is void the warranty, so make sure to read it before you do any cleaning.

Slide 7: The manufacturer will specify which products to use and which products to avoid in order to get the best results and ensure their continued protection of the furniture. Reading the warranty also helps in the event that the furniture suffers damage. Depending on the nature of the damage, the manufacturer may cover repairs or replacement.

Slide 8: Know What Wood And Finish You’re Dealing With

Slide 9: Lots of office furniture is made of wood or wood laminate. These may have different cleaning requirements. Plus, not all wood finishes are the same. The cleaning requirements for one finish can vary greatly from another, to the point where a product that’s perfectly fine to use on one wood/finish can do damage to another. The warranty is a good place to go for this information.

Slide 10: Start A Scheduled Cleaning Regimen

Slide 11: It’s not uncommon to wait until the office furniture is visibly dirty before cleaning it. But in the long run, this is the wrong approach. Regular office furniture maintenance and cleaning will get rid of the dust and debris you can’t see. Not only will this help the furniture last longer, it will promote a cleaner environment in the office.

Slide 12: Furnish   The   Future   With Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. With the constant change of technology in the workplace and the increasing need to maximize space, furniture needs to be able to evolve. The advent of flat screens, wireless tools and changing work styles has led to innovative furniture and fixture solutions.  SPANDAN  has access to the nation's top manufactures of office furniture , lighting and accessories. Our resources allow us to  design solutions  for today while planning for the future. 

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