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Spam Raptor is an efficient Email Spam Filter which secures your email from various malware and other viruses. We have a team of highly professional and expert members, they use advanced techniques to protect your mail server. You have no need to install and configure anything, It will even detect your valid email addresses.For further queries get in touch with us.


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Email Spam Filter What is Spam A number of irrelevant messages sent over the internet to a large number of users.

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Who we are We are USA based company and providing an amazing tool with an extraordinary feature for removing unwanted emails

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How Spam Filter works 1 An email will be sent to your domain 2 The email is intercepted at Spamraptor 3 If it is found as spam then it gets caught in spamraptor.If it is believed to be a valid email then it is delivered. 4 This allows our servers to do all of the work while saving you bandwidth and resources.

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Why to choose us 1 Get remarkable accuracy 2 No need to install anything 3 It is updated Constantly 4 Virtually ZERO false positives 5 It includes Quarantine viewer

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Continues..... 6 It requires no tuning required 7 No tuning required 8 It include Unlimited domain aliases email addresses 9 It will provide you Reliable service

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Hurry up we are even offering 4 weeks free trial.It will block 99 of spam emails. For more information visit us on Reach us on : SpamRaptor by After Dark Grafx2534 State Street462San Diego CA 92101

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