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Water Heater Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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The water heater is among the appliances that we all can’t live without. And though it’s a pretty expensive investment, we still get a unit for our home to make our lives more convenient. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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Water heaters are definitely durable and long-lasting. Some can be used for 10 years while some last even longer. But without proper care and maintenance, you can expect repairs every now and then or worse, anticipate saying goodbye to it earlier. d75singh@yahoo.com Call 9815061312

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To help you prolong the life of your water heating system, here are some tips you should know and religiously follow. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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There are times when you’ll want to raise the temperature of your water heater. Just make sure that you’ll turn it down to 125 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent instances of scalding. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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If you have a tank-type water heater, replace its anode rod when rust is already noticeable. This will not only prevent your water from turning yellow or smelling nasty but will also keep the tank corrosion-free. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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Check on your T&P valve once in a while and discharge it annually. If you see signs of leakage, have it repaired or replaced by a professional. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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To contribute on your heating unit’s efficiency, insulate it with a fiberglass jacket. This especially applies to older water heater models. New ones already have energy efficiency features. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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If you have stuff lying around the area where your water heater is installed, ensure that you’ll give your unit about 2 feet of clearance. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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Do not forget your hot and cold water supply lines. Insulate them with foam to avoid condensation during summer or when the temperature outside is really hot. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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Last but definitely not the least, have your water heater tank flushed regularly. Doing so will remove sediments that accumulate at the bottom of the tank. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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These are all the maintenance tasks that you can do to keep your water heater in great condition. For a detailed guide on hot water heater maintenance , feel free to visit our blog site. Call 9815061312 d75singh@yahoo.com

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