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Homeopathic Urticaria (Hives) treatment is safe, effective & without any side effects. Read more on causes, symptoms, case studies of Urticaria treatment here.


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Urticaria: Causes and Treatment Solutions:

Urticaria: Causes and Treatment Solutions

What is Urticaria?:

What is Urticaria ? Urticaria also called nettle-rash or hives or wheals in a common language, simply means itching with rash Urticaria is an allergic or non-allergic immunological disease, shown on the skin. Characteristically the skin eruptions are erythematous, raised above the skin level, with intense itching and usually worsened by itching an with slight local warmth. It can be acute or chronic; largely having a tendency to recur frequently for many months or years.

Causes of Urticaria :

Causes of Urticaria Many people including some doctors believe that urticaria is allergic in nature. Actually, tt must be noted that Urticaria is not always allergic in nature. There are allergic and non-allergic  causes for chronic urticaria . The non-allergic causes include auto-immunity related, hormonally triggered, stress triggered, exercise, drugs, temperature based and other factors .

Homeopathic Treatment Urticaria:

Homeopathic Treatment Urticaria The  homeopathic treatment for U rticaria  is promising. It is much advanced and more scientific as it is not aimed at relieving the symptoms but treat the disease at immunological level. The treatment plans thus designed is addressed towards correcting the immune system, in turn treating Urticaria from within.

Why homeopathy for Urticaria?:

Why homeopathy for Urticaria ? The major benefits of homeopathy could be summarized as under: It offers excellent treatment which has a success rate of over 80 to 85% It offers immuno -correction hence gives deep-level healing It offers long-lasting cure instead of temporary relief. It is absolutely harmless, safe and non-toxic.

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