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The Acer 5542G is the organizations substitution display for its exceptionally well known 5536/5536G arrangement. The new model accompanies an enhanced processor and a radical new Tigris stage. It was after over seven days hold up and telephone calls that I got hold of one Acer Aspire 5542G. From the minute I read the particular sheet I have been exceptionally excited to get the machine in my grasp. The specs brags about an AMD Turion II 2.2 Ghz 3GB DDR2 Memory ATI 4570 Dedicated representation card with a 512MB DDR3 memory and a very liberal 320GB Hard plate drive at a cost tag of not as much as RS 34000 which is a significant enticing arrangement. In this definite audit we will perceive how these specs meet the genuine execution needs. Need any type of Acer Support call on toll free number +44 800-046-5740 Key elements: In this segment we will look in detail at the key segments that makes up this portable workstation. I will likewise attempt to incorporate as much particulars and points of interest as accessible from the producers source. Processor: Acer Aspire 5542G accompanies the second era AMD Turion Processor AMD Turion II M500 timed at 2.2Ghz which houses a 1MB L2 Cache. The Turion II M500 is manufactured utilizing the 45nm innovation. It has a place with the Caspian era of processors and backings HyperTransport 3.0 and equipment virtualization. If feel anytype of problem regarding processor be in touch with Acer technical support. The Turion is AMDs reply to versatile processors which gives superb execution while keeping the power utilization at the base. The Turion processors creates less warmth contrasted with AMDs desktop work steeds that have a terrible notoriety in warmth emanation division. The Turion II being the following variant of the tolerable entertainer Turion it sets elevated standards as far as contending with the Core 2 Duos in the market. We will perceive how it scores in genuine execution when we benchmark it not far off. Representation Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 512MB DDR3 One of the fundamental attractions of this portable workstation is the illustrations motor that lies underneath the hood. The Acer 5542G accompanies a committed ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 with 512 MB of DDR3 memory. For those of you who are not clear about the distinction between a coordinated and a committed representation arrangement Im including a couple words. An Integrated design arrangement eg: the Intels X4500 doesnt accompany devoted video memory it gobbles up your framework memory for

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representation handling and along these lines the slower way between the framework memory and the illustrations motor causes the greatest jug neck with regards to execution. Additionally the coordinated representation processor would be less intense than a standard committed one in crude preparing power. Then again a devoted representation card will more often than not have a fast committed video memory eg: DDR3 which is coupled to the design processor. This expels the jug neck and gives the card prevalent execution. The illustrations processor on a committed card would ordinarily bolster top of the line impacts gave by the most recent DirectX and OpenGL APIs which gives the authenticity and visual- confection in the most recent amusements. The HD 4570 is a speedier timed form of the Mobility Radeon 4530/4330. It has a 64 Bit memory transport and accompanies a 512MB DDR3 VRAM. The 512MB ought to be sufficient for most gaming and illustrations needs unless you play in the craziest resolutions. As rendering determination expands the more memory it needs. The DDR3 memory will address the issues for the quickest and enormous volume surface handling that advanced diversions request. However the 64 bit transport stands sub-par compared to the 128 piece transport that most standard cards offer. The ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 depends on the RV710 chip and it gives 80 stream processors. The Mobility Radeon likewise gives the video innovation called Avivo HD that gives an on board 7.1 sound chip. The design arrangement additionally includes a second era Unified Video Decoder that backings full bitstream translating of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and VC-1 streams. The 4570 design unit is equipped for taking care of all video errands including HD video unraveling. Show: The Acer 5542G accompanies a 15.6" High Definition LED illuminated TFT LCD show that gives 220-nit high brilliance and Acers Cinecrystal show innovation. The immaculate widescreen 16:9 show bolsters a most extreme determination of 1366X768 and gives a 60 shading range. It has a high-def reaction time of 8ms. Memory: There is not a lot to brag around a 3GB DDR2 800Mhz memory that accompanies the Acer Aspire 5542G when contrasted with the present line of tablets a number of which games a 4GB in the engine. The 3GB is adequate for a large portion of the processing needs which can later be moved up to 4GB. However the 3GB arrangement would seem sensible when we keep the sticker price of the Acer 5542G as a primary concern. Hard Disk Drive: Again theres nothing stunning in this office. In any case I would state that the 320GB that accompanies the Acer 5542G is liberal for a large portion of your stockpiling needs. Processor execution and benchmark: I was at first hesitant to change from the Intels demonstrated workhorse Core 2 Duo to the AMDs Turion group of processors. The Intels processor beats the AMD partner gave that both keeps running on a similar clock speed the fundamental guilty party being the lower L2 store in AMDs. In any case my

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hesitance to proceed onward to the AMD Turion II was cleared away by the execution benchmarks. The AMD Turion II M500 2.2 Ghz outflanks the Intel Core 2 Duo 6670 2.2 Ghz. At the point when AMD Turion II M500 scores a not too bad score of 1426 the Intel Core2 Duo 6670 figured out how to get just 1379 however the edge is not tremendous. The Turion II M500 additionally scored higher in the Windows 7 execution rating with a score of 5.7 against the score of 5.5 of the Intels Core 2 Duo 6600. The Turion II without uncertainty has enhanced its design significantly contrasted with the past era Turion which helps it to accomplish a higher execution benchmark while contending head-on with the Intels partner despite the fact that AMD Turion II M500 houses just 1MB L2 store contrasted with the 2MB offered by the Intels variations. The AMD Turion II M500 is certainly a superb entertainer and is admirable for being the main AMD processor show surpassing the Intel Core 2 Duo along the execution lines both of which are timed at a similar speed. In spite of the fact that the Turion II has just 1MB L2 Cache it brings great execution and processing power on a financial plan. The Turion II M500 processor gives the Acer 5542G with awesome calculating effectiveness that was much discernible when we ran tests including packing/separating Gaming and Video rendering utilizing 3D design devices. The Acer 5542G indicated energetic execution amid day by day processing and the Windows responsiveness and multi-entrusting were essentially speedy. Design card execution: The Acer 5542G with the ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 with 512MB Dedicated DDR3 VRAM is not an extraordinary entertainer regarding the most recent gaming models. In any case not very many portable workstations accompanies a top of the line design card that addresses the top of the line gamers issues and those machines will consume a gap in your wallet without a doubt. The HD 4570 in the Acer 5542G is an OK representation card to play somewhat more seasoned diversion titles in full detail though with regards to the latest recreations you may need to change the detail level to a medium to get sensible edge rates. The Acer 5542G is a fantastic decision for gamers on a financial plan and additionally 3D Graphics originators and Animators. I found the Acer 5542G conveying exceptionally smooth edge rates on Test Drive Unlimited even at the most astounding settings however a video survey of the Dell Studio 15 lodging similar illustrations card demonstrated fundamentally bring down casing rates in YouTube. May be the execution lift is expected to the DDR3 Video Memory and the better calculating done by the AMD Turion II M500. The card fared truly well in more established titles like Need For Speed Most Wanted Need For Speed UnderCover Unreal Tournament 2003 and Crysis Warhead even at the most astounding subtle element settings with 1024X768 determination and FSAA turned on. The Acer 5542G additionally conveyed reliably playable

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casing rates in Microsoft Flight Simulator which is a very asset hungry amusement because of the nearness of immense surfaces and broad landscape. Show execution: The 220-nit high shine show of the Acer 5542G gives great show quality with great sharpness and difference. It additionally conveys great and precise shading multiplication 60 array. The perceptibility from sides is not outstanding but rather is sufficient. The main significant weakness of the show is that its high reflexive complete draws in glare. Henceforth it is not appropriate while seeing against any immediate light source. Sound Performance: The Acer 5542G games a Dolby ensured sound framework. The Realtek chip gives 32bit sound unraveling and gives SP-DIF and Dolby Digital yield. It additionally underpins Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Surround modes. It implies you will be in sound ecstasy on the off chance that you interface the Acer 5542G to a pleasant home theater or top of the line earphones. The implicit speakers of the Acer 5542G unmistakably does not have the bass and was a mistake amid our tests. The sound unmistakably does not have the pound component in it. It doesnt imply that the speakers are useless. The speakers give you exceptionally decent high and medium range frequencies great. The sound volume levels were sufficiently uproarious and will be satisfactory in the event that you are not amidst an exceptionally loud condition. Battery: The Acer 5542G accompanies a 6-cell battery pack. It would presumably frustrate you in the event that you are searching for a tablet with 3+ hours battery reinforcement. The lower battery reinforcement can be ascribed to the unobtrusively enormous 15.6" show combined with the devoted representation card that can deplete out a considerable amount of battery power. With the screen shine at low I could acquire a 2 hours 50 minutes reinforcement with no sound video or amusements turned on. At most elevated execution setting you can expect about two hours of battery reinforcement. Warming: Being an AMD based portable workstation the greater part of us who have utilized an AMD based framework would hav

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