Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems


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SovPlym India provide solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction to capture and remove exhaust from a vehicle that needs to run indoors, making a safe and healthy work environment Removing vehicle exhaust keeps your employees, equipment and facility healthy. Visit


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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

Slide2: SovPlym’s products and systems can be used for all types of vehicle – from cars to heavy vehicles. Our products are used in most automotive workshops, service facilities for cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, vehicle inspection stations, emergency service stations, military exhaust extraction, etc . These products are developed to capture 100% of the toxic exhaust fumes at source. And remove it from your workshop! About SovPlym India

Slide3: Spring operated hose reel ARS series This reel is usually used with a hose of small diameter and length in case if mounting height is less than 4,5 meters. It can be equipped with a separate fan or can be connected to the central ventilation system, consisting of several extraction units.


No physical efforts are needed to operate this reel as it is driven by a motor, which is controlled from the wall mounted or remote panel, which is crucial when reels are mounted on big heights and heavy hoses of large diameters and lengths are used. ARMF reel is equipped with a separate fan, fixed on the frame. Motordriven hose reel ARM/ARMF series

Slide5: AspiRail Straight, ARST The ARST system is the most advanced and cost-effective solution for garages, control stations or any other facility with mobile source of pollution. It can either be installed parallel to the vehicles path (door to door). Or like on photo, along the stationary workstations, allowing unlimited flexibility to attach to the vehicles being serviced.

Slide6: High temperature resistant hoses They are used in vehicle exhaust extraction systems. Wide range of hoses allows choose an optimal temperature limits, from 150°C to 650°C, their diameters vary from 75 to 200 mm and their lengths from 5 to 12,5 meters.

Slide7: Exhaust nozzles iGrip Nozzles can have different forms and sizes, round and oval (for vehicles with doubled exhaust pipes). Steel round nozzles are used if there are high temperature exhaust gases. Rubber oval nozzles prevent car painting damage. Nozzle consists of exhaust pipe fixation elements, shutter and a vent for CO testing


Slide10: SovPlym is a constantly developing international company, where the ambition for Total Quality is just the beginning . And the final and best argument is Happy Healthy Customers.


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