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AUTHOR’S PURPOSEMr. Budd English : 

AUTHOR’S PURPOSEMr. Budd English Authors write for three basic reasons These reasons are called the “Author’s Purpose”


AUTHOR’S PURPOSE Why did the author write this? To Persuade? To Inform? To Entertain?

To Persuade? : 

To Persuade? Written to convince the reader of their point of view Examples: Advertisements, Editorials, Persuasive Essays

To Inform? : 

To Inform? Written to provide specific information about a specific topic Generally not written to persuade the reader one way or another but to simply provide facts to educate the reader

To Entertain? : 

To Entertain? Written simply to entertain the reader Fiction, plays, First-person narratives, etc. Most novels, short stories, etc. fit this category

What is the author’s purpose in the following? (Remember P.I.E.) : 

What is the author’s purpose in the following? (Remember P.I.E.) A sneaker commercial? Today’s Teen? Treasure Island? Of Mice and Men?


TEEN INK Answer the following in your reading folder: Title of article Author/reporter’s name Author’s purpose (P.I.E.) Brief summary (3-5 sentences) Was the article relevant to you? Why or why not?

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