Treasure Island

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By: Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson : 

Robert Louis Stevenson At age 7

Setting and Main Characters : 

Setting and Main Characters Treasure Island was written in the 1700s in England. The main characters are Jim Hawkins, Doctor Livesey, Squire Trelawney, Long John Silver, Captain Smollett and the rest of Long John’s crew.

The Plot : 

The Plot It all started of when Billy Bones came to stay at the Admiral Benbow Inn with Jim and his parents. Billy Bones who has the map of Flint’s treasure, a pirate named Black Dog went to the Admiral Benbow to try to kill Billy Bones and get the map but failed. So Black Dog sent Pew a Blind Pirate to tip Billy Bones the black spot and Billy Bones dies. Then Jim finds the map and give it to Doctor Livesey who gave it to Squire Trelawney so he can fund the hunt.

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By the next day Squire found a crew including Long John Sliver who tricked squire into thinking he was a cook. On there way to the treasure Jim overheard Silver telling the rest of his shipmates his plan of mutiny against Captain Smollett and his men. Once they got to the island Silver took some of his crew and headed to the island while Jim snuck on the boat.

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But once they got to the island Jim left them and ran into the forest where he ran into Ben Gunn, one of Flint’s pirates who has been stranded for three years. Jim goes out and tries to regain control of the ship. He got aboard and managed to hide the ship in the Northern inlet and kill Israel Hands. Once he got back to the fort he was surprised to realize Silver and his crew took over the fort and got the map.

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Silver’s crew wanted to kill Jim but Long John convinced them to keep Jim as a hostage so Doctor Livesey can give them what they want. On there hunt for the treasure Ben Gunn tries to scare the pirates by posing as the ghost of Captain Flint But they were smarter than that. Once at the treasure site Slivers crew are surprised to see someone has found the treasure already. Silvers crew was mad as could be and ready to kill Silver and Jim once and for all. But just then Doctor Livesey , Squire Trelawney and Ben Gunn come to there rescue. Ben Gunn took them to his cave to show them the treasure. After taking most of the gold to the Hispaniola, they leave, stranding most of the pirates on the island. On the way back they stopped for more crew and Sliver escaped with some of the treasure.

The Action : 

The Action They fought on the ship, then the pirates took over the ship Long John Silver killed the rest of his crew in a gun battle Long John took off with some gold

Conclusion : 

Conclusion The good guys got away with some gold. They left pirates stranded on the island. Sliver was with the good guys on the ship. Then he made an escape with some gold never to be found again

Author’s Purpose and Genre of the story : 

Author’s Purpose and Genre of the story Treasure Island was written to entertain readers. This story is a story of Action, Adventure, Death, and Growing up

Insight and Opinion of Story : 

Insight and Opinion of Story Treasure Island is the type of book in where you’ll never find a dull moment in. You’ll never get bored and never want to put the book down.

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