Sound Therapy Effects Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spirituall

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Sound Pharmacy is the market leader in sound therapy. Our products actively promote natural healing through the power of over 1,300 different curative sounds in most categories of health. It also suggests much well-being healing sounds to keep one healthy and balanced, both physically, emotionally and mentally.


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Sound Therapy Effects Physically Mentally Emotionally and Spiritually Sounds are wave or vibrations that ripple through the air and present human beings with ancient but one of the most effective and imperative ways to communicate with the nervous systems of living creatures including other people. Our body is controlled by our nervous system as it receives information from the brain basically telling different parts of the body how to respond in a certain situation. For instance when we hear the sound of lightning or thunderstorm our whole body reacts in fractions of seconds to a perceived danger. Everything in existence vibrates and so we are surrounded by sounds all the time. Sound is a powerful force able to bring a sense of peace and well-being set different emotion in human beings love cry and laugh. There are four main areas of our system where sounds Therapy did wonder and proven effective. These are: Physical Healing and Relief from Pain Sound has a thriving frequency which it most naturally resonates at. When that resonate frequency meet and play a sound that match in reality feed energy into the object. This can be a cell an organ or any other part of the body. Vibration causes a natural resonance in something like a message or loosening it up to have more flow. It’s tremendously beneficial for an organ like the heart or to relax muscles. On the other hand if you play a sound that matches a resonate frequency turn the volume up you can explore the object. This could quite effective to destroy something like cancel cells. As the law of resonance says “A stronger vibration causes a weaker vibration to vibrate at the same frequency as the stronger vibration”. Based on that principle sound can transform a cell into a benign cell. It might sound unbelievable but scientific experiments have shown cell being transformed into different types of cells with vibration. Same way sound also set free from pain. When Pain receptors filled with sound they can no longer receive pain impulses. There are tools to create change in the body: Voice crystal bowls tuning forks Tibetan gongs to name a few. Sounds from these tools are extremely effective when used right on the body. These tools can be used to create a sense of well being where the body natural healing response kicks in. And sounds from these instruments dramatically boost the immune system by creating the harmonious flow in many systems of the body- skeletal system nervous system

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muscular system digestive system circulatory system respiratory system and endocrine system. Emotional Healing and Release We know that music is a powerful source to trigger emotion within human beings. Stuck Emotions manifest most of the issue and diseases in human. Sound and music can be useful to free from the stuck emotions and deep emotional issues. Think of emotions as sounds and vibration many emotions are irritating sounds. For example the sound of “horror” is very much similar to fear. Such sound does not support health. It is not good for the healthy functioning of organs like the heart and nervous system immune system or cell in your body. Most sand emotions are related to sounds such as frustration irritation impatience overwhelming doubt pessimism worry blame anger revenge rage jealousy fear depression and others. These are hazy sounds which can break down the physical body. On the contrary the sounds related with happy emotions support health such as passion contentment hopefulness optimism positive expectation belief enthusiasm eagerness happiness joy appreciation freedom and love. These are the sounds are consistent and quite pure musical tones. Vowels sound resonate pure sound and tune. The trick is to simply change the state of emotional sounds from lower or sad to consistent and beautiful sounds to resonate joyful emotions. This is a powerful technique to transfer from sad emotion into happy and joyful emotion which triggers high and consistent emotion in our body and support health. The same trick is to free from the deep emotional issues that rather drag into sadden state. Filling those emotions with the happy tunes or high soothing tune and music free the deep emotional issues and eventually you feel lighter happy and content. Mentally - Brainwave Entrainment Our Mind or mental situation is dependent on clear thinking about the issues. It takes lots of tools to divert the mind from those issues to focus on rather happy moments. For example you have experienced it when you are sad and listen to sad songs and you feel light and free from stigma you going through. When we are sad our mental system filled with the sorrow and grief that we can’t let go but soon our brain receives the sound

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of the music it perceives the situation and wander into lonely spaces without any actual focus which set you free from the sorry state. It has been proven that when listening to frequencies within the range of brainwave our mind will be amused into those frequencies instantly. “Binaural beats” are frequencies that can be produced with sound within the frequency range of the brain. Those frequencies help put into various brainwave states dealing with various issues like ADHD learning disabilities sleep disorder ADHD enhancing mental clarity memory and creativity. Using headphone is the optimal benefit because frequencies synchronize the left and right brain. Spiritual Healing Sound and music is the part of humanity ever since civilizations have developed or begin. It exists within since the beginning of time in various cultures around the globe to help bring the human into a condition of spiritual healing harmony and awakening. The sound used to entertain human into harmony and direct connection to spirit soul and source. Its about building a bridge between your personality and your soul. When we listen to the sound of our soul rather than our ego and personality and establish a connection to it we guided throughout our lives how to live life blissfully. And the sound frequency is same from lifetime to lifetime it makes sense as something carrying the information our soul from lifetime to lifetime. It even makes sense that our entire body at every single level has a fundamental frequency that is based on. Whatever in-universe has a fundamental note that it resonates to. It’s shown in research when you resonate this core root frequency whole system fall into alignment. Everything is vibration even our soul must be a certain frequency. When you find that frequency you finally at home to you at complete peace and linked to source or soul. Sounds Therapy raise your vibration and consciousness level and make you more inclined towards maturity peace and love. Feel content and satisfied. Often find a more suitable solution and approaches to the issues. Sound healing has been in fashions lately to heal the illness and free you from the state of worry tension and sorrow. Therefore it’s been advised to get your sound therapy right into account and walk the path of self-healing through the natural way of sounds and frequencies.

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