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Instagram and facebook


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Presented By: Soumitra Kisku

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Instagram came from an inspiration-could we make sharing your life as instant and magic as those first Polaroid pictures ? What is Instagram Really ?

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Instagram development began in San Francisco On March 5, 2010, Systrom started with $500,000 October 6, 2010 The Instagram launched January 2011, Instagram added hashtags September, version 2.0  launched February 2, 2011, announced that Instagram raised $7 million April 3, 2012, Instagram for Android was released April 12, Facebook acquired Instagram

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Kevin Systrom, Instagram's CEO and co-founder. Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram. .

How to use Instagram ? :

How to use Instagram ? Steps to use Instagram: Download the Instagram app Launch the Instagram app “Sign up” Import contacts and find friends “Follow” “Feed” “Popular” “Share” Apply a filter A brief description “Sharing”  through social networks “Done” “News”  for updates “@( YourAccountName )” – Account settings

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Why Instagram become so interest ?

Instagram Filters:

Instagram Filters Inkwell X-Pro II

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Apollo Hefe

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Gotham Walden

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Earlybird Sutro

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Lomo-fi Toaster

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Lord Kelvin 1977

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Nashville Poprocket

Can brands get real business value ?:

Can brands get real business value ? 23 Brands Using Instagram Fashion brand “BERGDORFS” with 652 photos and 8,003 followers “GENERAL ELECTRIC” w ith 54 photos and 15,501 followers ” MTV” with total photos: 199 and Followers: 1,04,347 ”PEPSI” Total photos: 74 and Followers: 976 “REDBULL” Total photos: 260 and Followers: 60,028


Achievement Awards: The runner-up for "Best Mobile App" at the 2010 TechCrunch Crunchies Number 66 in the "The 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2011" "Best Locally Made App" in the SF Weekly Web Awards "App of the Year" for 2011

April 12, 2012:

April 12, 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram for a cool $1Billion

Why Facebook acquired Instagram? Still now it is a question mark:

Why Facebook acquired Instagram? Still now it is a question mark Users : But Facebook doesn't need users Mobile : Which Facebook still lacks, for some reason Competition: "Giving up 1% of your market cap to take out your biggest threat is a savvy move." Data: Facebook needs more personal data?

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Leave Instagram Meet Instagram

Instagram Backup:

Instagram Backup COPYGRAM: The service emails you once the zip is done so you can download it.

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InstaBackup: How long you’ve been using Instagram will dictate how long the your download will take

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Instaport: Sign in with Instagram and then choose to where you want the zip file to be downloaded.

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How long does it actually take to make back a billion dollars ?

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