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A comprehensive guide to Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Ethereum Litcoin and other Altcoins - Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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What is Cryptocurrency • Cryptocurrency is an alternative currency not issued by any government and not associated with any country. It is a digital asset which can be transferred between two people using a code where there is no middleman or no involvement of Credit Company. This decentralized currency maintains anonymity where there is no need to know people who are exchanging and transactions are untraceable. There is also some concern that such currency is used by criminals as privacy is maintained during the transactions. The first Cryptocurrency Bitcoin was invented in 2009 by an unknown person or group of people named as “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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How many Crytocurrencies exist • Bitcoin was invented first but subsequently there is number of other introduced later which are collectively called as Altcoin to make it different from Bitcoin. These works on the same basics but they use different code. Following is the list of some alphabetically arranged Cryptocurrencies and the most popular are marked as bold. There are many more as well besides following. • AdEx ADX • aelf ELF • Aeron ARN • AirSwap AST • Agrello DLT • AION AION • Amber AMB • Ark ARK • Basic Attention Token BAT • BCX BCX Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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• BCX BCX • Bancor BNT • Binance BNB • Bitcoin BTC • Bitcoin Cash BCC Dash DASH • Decentraland MANA • DigixDAO DGD • district0x DNT • Enigma ENG • EnjinCoin ENJ • EOS EOS • Ethereum ETH • Ethereum Classic ETC • ETF ETF • Etherparty FUEL • EthLend LEND • ETHOS BQX • Everex EVX • FunFair FUN • Bitcoin Diamond BCD • Bitcoin Gold BTG • BitShares BTS • BlockMason Credit Protocol BCPT • Bread BRD • Bytom BTM • Cardano ADA • ChainLink LINK • Cindicator CND • CoinDash CDT • CyberMiles CMT • Genesis Vision GVT • Gifto GTO • GXShares GXS • HealthCare Chain HCC • Hshare HSR Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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• ICON ICX • ICONOMI ICN • Komodo KMD • KyberNetwork KNC • Lisk LSK • Litecoin LTC • LLToken LLT • loopring LRC • Metal MTL • MIOTA IOTA • Modum MOD • Moeda Loyalty Points MDA • MONACO MCO • Monero XMR • Monetha MTH • Neblio NEBL • NEO NEO • NeoGas GAS • Nuls NULS • OMG OMG • openANX OAX • OYOW YOYO • et POE • Populous PPT • PowerLedger POWR • Qtum QTUM • Quantstamp QSP • Raiden Network Token RDN • Request Network REQ • Ripio Credit Network RCN • Ripple XRP • Salt SALT • Simple Token OST • SingularDTV SNGLS • SONM SNM • Status SNT • Stellar Lumens XLM • Storj STORJ • Stratis STRAT • Substratum SUB • Super Bitcoin SBTC • TetherUS USDT • Tierion TNT Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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Other benefits or owning Cryptocurrency • This is very easy to manage different accounts for these currencies. As nobody knows how much you own so you are safe from hackers cyber criminals and criminals. Money can be transferred just by codes globally. The main benefit is very low transaction fees during transfer of money to anybody all over the world. It is very easy to send big money or tiny amount globally without the involvement of any bank. There is no need to lose money during exchange at the time of global payment. You don’t need to give your personal details to anybody before making any transactions. So it is safe method for payment without the fear of identity theft. As payments are irreversible there is no need to worry about charge backs like Visa MasterCard or PayPal. Many people see Cryptocurrency as long term investment plan. Purchasing Bitcoin to is also emerging as a way to protect devaluation of national currency and is very popular in countries like Zimbabwe. The power of Smart Contracts or token on Ethereum platform is also getting popular enabling companies to get millions of dollar in crowd funding. Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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How to store Cryptocurrency • Cryptocurrency is digital money so owning Cryptocurrency simply means that you have a software address where money is stored and a secret key to see and use the balance. The address and key can be stored electronically or on paper as long as you can perverse it. The place where you store Cryptocurrency is called as Wallet. Wallet can be online or offline. Online wallet can be of two type — first is wallet available at different websites and second is wallet software stored in computer. Offline wallet can be a hardware based wallet which is just like a memory card or junk drive which can be accessed using USB port. As Cryptocurrency is based on code so the safest way to store it is use paper based method. Hackers may get access to online system so there is always a risk for online storage of money. However paper based storage is least convenient. Having digital wallet is first thing to do before getting any Cryptocurrency. Nicholas Constable Weybridge

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