"Alexis Akrithakis", 9th Primary School of Larissa, Petrikis Sotiris.

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"Alexis Akrithakis", 9th Primary School of Larissa, Petrikis Sotiris, Art-Teacher.


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ALEXIS AKRITHAKIS ALEXIS AKRITHAKIS Alexis Akrithakis born in Athens in 1939. His interest in painting manifested from his school years , but did not ever formal study . From 1956 to 1960 he lived in Paris where he gave free courses and attended classes at the Academy Grande Glaumiere . The artistic works are characterized by a childhood and consist of black and white drawings in ink , construction s and painting s . The main motifs used is the arrow , flower s , fire and suitcases. Alexis Akrithakis dealt also illustrated books and designed s cenery and costumes for theatrical performances . “Art is every man’s right to be different, Art is a distillation of life, not a substitute for it…” Our own works inspired by the work of Alexis Akrithakis ! Companionship with the work of this great Greek artist , traveled to our memories , our desires and our dreams already mad e and the other to be made in the future ! But in the end we would have travel ed holding only a suitcase full of experiences and memories ! Music: Mikis Theodorakis – “ Nihta Magikia ”

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