''The golden wreath'',9th Primary School of Larissa, Petrikis Sotiris.

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''The golden wreath'', 9th Primary School of Larissa, Petrikis Sotiris, Art-teacher.


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Dear E- Twinners , in the context of our pr oject we had the idea to create a wreath inspired by the golden wreath s of ancient Macedonia , consisting of five leaves for each country . Each leave will reflect something characteristic of each country . The leave s will be sent with a package and will go from country to country . At the end of their trip will return to Greece to compose the golden wreath. Leaves painted by Greek team .

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W e designed and cut in white and metallic gold paper , the leaves of the wreath, which will form at the end of the artistic activity , with the participation of the four countries . In each of the leave s we paint something typical of Greece and our city of Larissa .

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T he Greek flag . O ne of the ancient coins of Larissa with the symbol of our city , the horse . T he ancient theater of Larissa The symbol of the local football team , inspired by the ancient coins of the city . One of the characteristic landscapes of Larissa with the river named Pinios and the cathedral .

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… the final work!

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