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make your boardroom wire free.... for more details and demo. call authorized distributor..SOSIPL..on 022 66886616/ 76/93/24


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Previous/ Existing situation:

Previous/ Existing situation AV solutions in the meeting rooms are being installed for the last 10 to 15 years. No changes in the technology/ connector type(VGA) from last 15 years. Connect - Click - Go!

Previous/ Existing situation:

Some of the meeting rooms designed 5-6 years back are using Cable cubbies having multiple cables to connect laptops with display devices. Previous/ Existing situation Connect - Click - Go!

Current & forthcoming situations:

Current & forthcoming situations None of the Laptops from 2014 comes with VGA connector Its a big challenge to keep existing meeting room alive for the digital devices Connect - Click - Go! ANALOG SUNSET

Current & forthcoming situations:

Current & forthcoming situations Now a days New laptops are coming with a variety of digital connecters like HDMI, Thunderbolt, Mini display, Display port Connect - Click - Go! DIGITAL SUNRISE HDMI Display Port Mini-Display Port Thunderbolt

Current & forthcoming situations:

Connect - Click - Go! Now a days BYOD devices are very much popular not even for personal use but also be used in professional environment to share images, ppt, docs ,pdf etc. Most of the top management professional carries iPad,iPhones,Android Phones, Galaxy Devices . Current & forthcoming situations BYOD EMERGENCE

How the customer is handling the present situation:

How the customer is handling the present situation BYOD devices Using connectivity cables/ interfaces/ converters etc for laptops having different connectors. Copying files into pen drive from your BYOD devices/ laptop and recopy it to Presenter's laptop. Connect - Click - Go!

End User Issues:

End User Issues Resolution mapping of different laptops (Distorted image / Taking time to sync & display) How to switch laptop’s content to display – Fn+ ?? If someone is already occupying the location where laptop connectivity is available!! (Small cable) High downtime to identify / rectify cable faults as these are hidden in the floor / carpet / false ceiling Connect - Click - Go!

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Answer to all such challenges Connect - Click - Go!

A USB based Wireless Solution for Laptops:

A USB based Wireless Solution for Laptops Q. Why USB? Since the day laptops have emerged USB is alive. Even in all new digital devices where connectors are of different types, USB still remains. It is a common interface in both Analog & Digital devices and is expected to remain active in future devices too. Connect - Click - Go!

BYOD Compatibility:

BYOD Compatibility Connect - Click - Go! iPad,iPhones,Android Phones using Clickshare App Works with all genenrations of iPad & iPhone running minimum iOS5 Galaxy Devices using MirrorOp features. These apps are available free of cost on App Store / Play Store

CSM 1 – Base unit :

CSM 1 – Base unit Base Unit – 1 no. Buttons - 4 nos. Tray – 1 no. Antenna – 2 nos. DVI to VGA Converter Mounting bracket Manual Connect - Click - Go! Status LED strips USB port Standby button

Unique Features of ClickShare:

Unique Features of ClickShare Creates its own Wi-Fi – no dependence on C orporate network No software or IP address is required USB interface solution Compatible with all Windows Laptops and Mac Books Video at 30fps from Laptops Audio is also wirelessly transferred and is lip-synched Compatible with Android and i-OS Smart P hones , i-Pads and i-Pods Connect - Click - Go!


Cont. Connect - Click - Go! For Windows 7 /8 both the devices are compatible with Extended desktop features. Integration with Video conferencing devices and AV switchers can be done Output resolution of CSM is full HD Can connect 8 buttons simultaneously Distance between the base unit and buttons is 30m in radius Easy “One Click” display

Conventional Approach:

Conventional Approach Connect - Click - Go!

ClickShare Approach:

ClickShare Approach Connect - Click - Go!

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Thank you Connect - Click - Go!

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