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Document Management Marketplace :

Document Management Marketplace Facts, figures and visions

Over 15% of office space is taken up by filing cabinets1:

Over 15% of office space is taken up by filing cabinets 1 1. AIIM survey 2009.

“The Digital Universe will double every 18 months.”:

“The Digital Universe will double every 18 months.” 1. IDC White Paper sponsored by EMC, While the Economy Contracts The Digital Universe Expands, May 2009 .

79% of companies distribute confidential information in paper form1:

79% of companies distribute confidential information in paper form 1

Left alone all things tend to chaos...1:

Left alone all things tend to chaos... 1 1. Second Law of Thermodynamics .

Benefits of Information Management:

Benefits of Information Management Cost Productivity Security Environment Solve business problems Improve processes Create new business opportunities

Why Therefore™:

Why Therefore™ Because...

It is based on industry standards :

It is based on industry standards OS: Windows® 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 64-bit OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 Web Client: Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google® Chrome, Safari® ISIS®, Kofax Capture®, TWAIN®, eCopy TM , Canon MEAP Windows® Active Directory® Local Windows® Security ORACLE® Version 9 and higher Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005, 2008 64-bit IBM® DB2® Version 8 and higher RAID(DAS), NAS, SAN, NetApp® Therefore™ Server Therefore™ Client Security Database Storage Scanning

It has a central architecture...:

It has a central architecture...

Supports multi-site architecture:

Supports multi-site architecture

Helps control document‘s life-cycle:

Helps control document‘s life-cycle Saving of document Creation of document Use & edit documents Retention period of document End of life time of document Document gets deleted (Logical or physical) or exported Primary and backup storage Document gets captured and indexed Retrieve Process documents

It helps me comply...:

It helps me comply... Document access control and digital signatures. Document version control. Audit trail. Document retention. Storage on secure storage media.

It‘s part of Canon‘s end-to-end solution:

Output Office Print & Professional Pint Store & Search Manage & Process Input It‘s part of Canon‘s end-to-end solution

Integration with Canon Scanners & MFP:

Integration with Canon Scanners & MFP Therefore™ MFP Application allows documents to be scanned, indexed and saved to Therefore™. Integration with eCopy™ ShareScan® allows this same functionality using eCopy™ ShareScan®.



“Without your memory you’ll lose your future”1:

“Without your memory you’ll lose your future” 1 1 Translated from "Ohne Gedächtnis verlieren Sie Ihre Zukunft" Canon Switzerland. 2 Accenture Information Management Services, January 2007

It Can Store Everything:

It Can Store Everything Microsoft ® Office Documents CAD Drawings Paper Documents 3rd party info (e.g ERP systems)

Document Retention:

Document Retention



A Simple Business Process:

A Simple Business Process A Purchase order arrives per mail or gets scanned in The order must be processed Order must be delivered An email must be sent to confirm delivery to customer Process should end The whole process has to be done in 48 hours

Create Automated Workflow:

Create Automated Workflow Invoice Processing

Document Versioning:

Document Versioning

PowerPoint Presentation:

Balance Sheet Versioning

Out of office:

Out of office Not in the office? What happens then? All tasks can be delegated to a user or group of users.

Document Retrieval:

Document Retrieval

People search in unique ways...:

People search in unique ways... I search relationally based on document types and index data I search hierarchically , I like to drill down to the document I want I search intuitively , based on content in the document

Therefore™ accomodates them all...:

Therefore™ accomodates them all... Relational Searches are by category and then filtered using index fields. Hierachical Searches are by sorting & grouping; file search or cross category searches. Intuitive Searches are by full-text

What are the benefits of Therefore:

What are the benefits of Therefore Cost reduction Digital storage of documents Reduce paper and photocopy costs Reduce transport costs Increase productivity Increased collaboration between users Faster access to information Optimized availability of information Transparent business process management Swift ROI Peace of mind Increased document security Regain and retain control of information Comply with regulatory legislation Locally driven & managed solution

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