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EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard:

EyeRIS Interactive Whiteboard ( EyeRIS IWB)

EyeRIS: World’s first gesture based Interactive Whiteboard:

Cybernetyx’s Visual Touch ­ ­­­ TM , world’s most advanced technology across Interactive Whiteboard Industry, which enables EyeRIS to convert a projection on any surface (wall, projection screen etc.) or any output device with a VGA input (LCD , Plasma, Monitors etc.) into Touch-enabled Interactive surface . Just like the traditional walky-talkies, a standard Interactive whiteboard allows only one person to interact in an one-to-many interac.tive session EyeRIS : World’s first gesture based Interactive Whiteboard

Features of EyeRIS:

Surface Independent It can convert your existing whiteboard, your projection screen and even your wall into a fully functional Interactive Whiteboard in under 10 seconds Multi-Touch/Multi-User Support First Multi-Touch, Multi-User Interactive Whiteboard System in the world. Zoom/Rotate images by using Gestures, or have multiple participants write on the board at the same time. Portable & Secure With its small size factor and wall mounting kit, EyeRIS is the most portable and secure interactive whiteboard in the world. Display –Independent , Occlusion-free Interactive Solution EyeRIS solution gives freedom to use any display for interactivity unlike traditional projector interactivity solutions. EyeRIS provides an occlusion-free , easy to use interactive solution . Features of EyeRIS

Multi-Touch Feature:

EyeRIS is a Multi-touch & Multi-user Interactive Whiteboard system unlike other Interactive whiteboards, where only 1 or 2 people can interact with data on the Board. EyeRIS supports up to 255 simultaneous touch points. Multi-Touch Feature

The Super Real Experience:

Unlike generic interactive whiteboard systems , that contain information in a cascading series of windows that resemble sheets of paper, EyeRIS interface allows to extend objects in a logical way into the world of magic. With features like stretch to zoom, the UI elements of software not only look real, we perceive them to be super real as their character can change in a way that is almost magical. The Super Real Experience

EyeRIS IntelliSpace:

IntelliSpace IWB software is industry's most advanced software which consists of all the basic features like annotations( on any file or any content), Automatic shape recognition etc. IntelliSpace is the world’s first interactive whiteboard suite to have a native support for gesture-based actions and a completely natural user-interface to reduce the learning curve to a minimum. EyeRIS IntelliSpace

EyeRIS IntelliSpace:

In Built searching options through MyCloud feature which searches the Web for Educational content on the web in the form of Videos and Images. Provides seamless integration with all the applications & supports flash content to run with in the software. Gesture based Multitouch interaction with all the object, files on the computer, making the computer usage easier inside the classroom. In-built internet browser so the teacher need not open any second application, like IE or Chrome etc. EyeRIS IntelliSpace


An integrated Visualizer /Document camera called EyeSight which enable teachers to use the diagram from the books on the screen and software also show real objects like leaf, onion peel etc. EyeSight can also be used for evaluating OMR sheets EyeSIGHT

One solution for any location:

No need to purchase separate solution for a Classroom and a more expensive one for a bigger auditoriums, screen size up to 160” supported , enough to address an audience of 10 to 1000. This is the Biggest Screen size supported in the Industry(160” DAIGONALLY) as compared to any other board. Based on Natural User Interface , making our traditional desktop/laptop systems into smarter systems . Unlike the bulky Physical boards of 30-60kgs, EyeRIS is World’s most portable Interactive Whiteboard (300 grams), but yet designed to have a strength to withstand the harsh environment. One solution for any location

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