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The LifeSize Advantage:

The LifeSize Advantage LifeSize Corporate Sales Presentation

What’s important to you…:

What’s important to you… 2 Your team members need access to high quality, easy-to-use HD video. They should be able to: Collaborate from wherever, and whenever they choose Stay connected even when mobile Communicate effortlessly and effectively, even to people outside the organization Spontaneously collaborate and share content with groups Participate in meetings despite being in different time zones

PowerPoint Presentation:

LifeSize offers a direct human connection in business, regardless of distance. 3

We make the future possible for you today:

We make the future possible for you today 4 Infrastructure to fit your network environment Connect fast, connect easily, connect from anywhere No mor e intimidation. Video calling should be easy and fun Globally accessible training portal to speed adoption High quality HD video for anyone to use Easily stream live to any mobile device (PC, Mac, iOS , Android) C ollaborate on the mobile device of your choice Collaborate in large teams effectively

LifeSize History and Overview:

LifeSize History and Overview The world’s first mainstream HD video communications system in 2005 15,000 customers in 100 countries 1,500 resellers globally Types of customers: Large enterprise; Small to mid-market enterprise; Education; Healthcare; Public sector Headquartered in Austin, Texas with global offices throughout Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific Became a division of Logitech in December 2009 Core technology partnerships: 5

PowerPoint Presentation:

Intelligently optimized for your business Choice in deployment Designed for simple every day use Rapid deployment Universal Choice in devices Choice in location Choice in network Video Choice in how you participate Learn through social collaboration Speed adoption Collaboration Universal Video Collaboration 6 ©Logitech. All Rights Reserved. Confidential

Universal Video Collaboration: On Premises:

Universal Video Collaboration: On Premises 7 ©Logitech. All Rights Reserved. Confidential

Universal Video Collaboration: Hosted:

Universal Video Collaboration: Hosted 8 ©Logitech. All Rights Reserved. Confidential

Infrastructure Redefined:

Infrastructure Redefined 9 Fully integrated virtualized video infrastructure Unmatched efficiency, flexibility and control Turn on and scale easily Try what you want All applications available from one UI and install Flexible multiparty video calling solution

Collaboration Reimagined:

Collaboration Reimagined 10 Seamlessly connect b ridging and streaming to b roadcast HD video, data, voice At the touch of a button Anyone, anywhere, any network, many devices Capture all parties

Power of Choice in Mobility:

Power of Choice in Mobility 11 Only LifeSize offers:

Proven Track Record in Mobility:

Everyone Else Motorola Xoom Samsung Galaxy S iOS 4 iPad 2 LifeSize* HTC EVO 4G HTC EVO 3D HTC Desire HD HTC Incredible HTC myTouch 4G HTC Sensation HTC Sensation 4G HTC Droid Incredible HTC Thunderbolt HTC Flyer P512 Ideos S7 Samsung Epic 4G Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S 4G Samsung Galaxy SII Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung Sidekick 4G Samsung Droid Charge Samsung Conquer Samsung Epic Samsung Vibrant Samsung Fascinate Samsung Mesmerize Samsung Captivate Samsung InFuse 4G Google Nexus One Google Nexus S Dell Streak 5 Dell Streak 7 Motorola Atrix 4G Motorola Xoom Acer Iconia iOS 4 iOS 5 iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPod Touch iPad 2 iPad Proven Track Record in Mobility 12 * More coming soon! LifeSize has the highest quality, the broadest range of devices, over 40 and growing, and the longest proven track record. LifeSize* Motorola Xoom Samsung Galaxy S iOS 4 iPad 2

Cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS):

Cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) 13

LifeSize® Connections™—The Choice Is Clear:

Only LifeSize Connections provides true enterprise video collaboration LifeSize ® Connections™—The Choice Is Clear 14 Cisco Callway Polycom OVCC Blue Jeans VidTel Skype Connections Highest HD quality Encryption Room connectivity PC/Mac connectivity Free guest connectivity Ad-hoc, click-to-call by name HD bridging available Firewall traversal Easy escalation to multiparty Flat-fee predictable pricing Auto-provisioning Global scalability Global deployment Private corporate directory Enterprise-class management

Simplicity Driving Adoption:

Simplicity Driving Adoption 15 Reduces intimidation | Boosts usage | Works better | Reduces support calls Remove obstacles to effective business collaboration over video

Simplicity Driving Adoption:

Simplicity Driving Adoption 16 Optimized and integrated | Simple set-up and use | Rapid global deployment Speeds business decision making

Leadership in Social Learning:

Leadership in Social Learning Award-winning social enablement and collaboration platform to accelerate success Harness collective knowledge Transform adoption Innovative learning, unmatched in the industry 17

Success for Every Customer:

Success for Every Customer TECHNOLOGY Education Health care Financial Services Public Services

The LifeSize Advantage:

The LifeSize Advantage 19 Infrastructure Redefined Cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) Simplicity Driving Adoption Power of Choice in Mobility Collaboration Reimagined Leadership in Social Learning

PowerPoint Presentation:

Intelligently optimized for your business Universal Video Collaboration 20 ©Logitech. All Rights Reserved. Confidential

Thank you:

Thank you 21


Appendix 22

We Invite You to Learn More:

We Invite You to Learn More 23

LifeSize® Global Services — DEPLOY:

Worldwide support solutions Dedicated certified support engineers Online support resources Extended support agreements Industry award-winning education solutions Training for end user, sales professional, system administrator Certification programs Maximizes investment Worldwide team of experts Multiphase, flexible deployment options Simplified purchasing method Decreased deployment time Certified LifeSize professionals LifeSize’s proven best practices Plan aligned to business objectives Ensure optimal performance LifeSize ® Global Services — DEPLOY LifeSize ® Global Services 24 Realize the Value of Your LifeSize Solution

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