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Scope of the presentation:

Scope of the presentation Introduction To Canon Objectives Challenges & Impediments Canon Solution (MDS) Uniflow OM Multi-functional Devices (MFDs) Eco-Friendly Measures Conclusion

Introduction To Canon:

Introduction To Canon Incorporated in 1997 in India having HQ in Japan World leader in digital imaging solutions Marketing over 140 products in the country Rank 4th (Fortune) – World’s Most Admired Companies Amongst 10 best employer in India (Business Today) Ranked in No. 1 in laser printers, A3 MFDs, SLR camera (Source : IDC) Ranked 3 rd for highest patents registered


Objectives Convenience Control Management Confidentiality Cost Efficiency


Challenges Total cost of print operations Accountability Misuse of printers Unclaimed printouts Reporting and monitoring Managing different vendors Managing consumables Confidentiality Go Green efforts

PowerPoint Presentation:

Switch to a smart approach

What Canon Can Do For You:

What Canon Can Do For You Reduce costs Improve document processes Enhance employee productivity Greener working environment Document security

PowerPoint Presentation:

DISCOVER & ANALYSE Prospect Identification Qualification of Business Interest Understand the Customers’ printing environment Recommend and Secure MPS Approach EVALUATE & REVIEW Continually assess resources performance Review Customer needs Identify opportunities for improvement Agree & Plan for Change *continuous service improvement DEPLOY & TRANSITION Detail Planning of Transition Build and deliver the solution Manage the Change DESIGN Identify the MPS offer Build the solution from a cost and plan point of view Prove the Path to Profit Design the MPS contract Secure the MPS contract 1 AM (Sales) BM - MDS M&S Team SUPPORT & MANAGE Deliver the services Support the Customer Monitor, report & action based on performance Manage the project 5 3 4 2 Upon Prospect Identification by the Account Manager, the entire cycle begins. Continuous improvement and account management required for Canon MDS customers.

Managed Print Services:

Managed Print Services

PowerPoint Presentation:

Job Accounting Secure Printing Desktop Accounting Biometric Server Clustering Print Management Modular Output Management Solution for intelligent control and analysis of all print and copying processes

Uniflow OM - Overview:

Uniflow OM - Overview Statistics : Monitor and track copy/print/fax usage on multiple MFP Secure Printing : Effective security mechanisms to control the output of sensitive documents Desktop Accounting Monitoring and accounting for print jobs that are printed on desktop printers Remote Print Server: For registration of the printing & copying costs of remote locations to manage all costs centrally Rules and routing: Allows an intelligent re-routing of print jobs to the most cost effective device, or the routing of print jobs to alternative printers in the event of unavailability (fail-over) Biometric: Allows the identification of users using the NT-ware fingerprint sensor Server Clustering: In large installations it allows merging of servers into a cluster for Fail-over protection or load balancing behavior

Statistics Module:

Statistics Module Track and account all MFDs, network printers Integrated copy accounting on Canon MEAP devices Alternative price profiles for tracking profit margins Details on the print volume and printing costs by users, group, cost centre, device, date & time, budget, cost savings Report on savings made and potential savings **only in Rules & Routing Module

PowerPoint Presentation:

Detailed and summary reports show where the budget is going. Reports can be grouped by Users, Cost Centres, Printer, Location and Server. Savings reports can show return on investment Rule based routing Interactive RBR

Secure Printing:

Secure Printing Enables sensitive information to remain confidential Now you can select your print job from your own personal print queue using the control panel of the imageRUNNER **only in Canon MEAP Machine No loss of documents at public printers Pick up your document exactly at the printer you're at – your document will follow you (My Print Anywhere)

Accounting: Reports for cost analysis:

Accounting: Reports for cost analysis Accounting provides customers with reports on who does what with which devices and how much that costs Details on the print volume and printing costs by: Users Devices Departments Cost Centres Projects Customers Date & time

Canon MFD:

Canon MFD 25 pages per minute & above Copy, print & scan Color scanning at 51 ppm High RAM and HDD capacity Color Universal Send Kit Cascade copying Page composition Job done Notification Job Block Combination MEAP capabilities for solution integration

Cascade Copy:

Cascade Copy Universal Send LAN Copy job is scanned at a local device… …and split between two devices. 1 2 I-Fax E-mail Fax Mail Box File Server Database Fax/I-Fax Original

Page Composition:

Page Composition Express Copy

Some of the technologies:

Some of the technologies Dual Controller ( Dual processors) Mono component On Demand Fixing

Dual Processors:

Dual Processors Intel 800 MHz Chip Canon Developed System-On-Chip Helps to enhance the processing speed and better utilization of resources

On Demand Fixing:

On Demand Fixing Heater activates when the actual image is fixed on paper 75% less power consumption Eliminates warm up time

Objectives Fulfilled:

Objectives Fulfilled Convenience Control Management Confidentiality Cost Efficiency


Conclusion Solution will benefit your organization. Enhanced staff productivity Enhance data security Better document management Effective cost management Environment friendly

Thank You:

Thank You

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