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Are your nails healthy and look attractive? Fingernails and toenails must remain healthy and look beautiful. The nails might get affected by fungal infections for several reasons, including poor hygiene. Before the condition lands you in trouble, you must contact the experts and opt for the most effective treatment. Consult Foot and Ankle Specialists for unmatched Nail Treatments Montgomery IL at an affordable budget.


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Treatment procedures for flexible and mild-natured Hammertoe Hammertoe is a condition where skin builds up on a contracted toe joint. This is accompanied mostly by bursitis a small pouch above the affected joint swells up between the tendon and the skin. If this condition is not treated effectively and immediately the toe might get worse like reduced movement resulting in ulcer and infection. Let us understand the hammertoe treatment in Montgomery IL in detail. Patients with mild condition or for those who are unable to undergo surgical treatment trimming the skin build-up and padding the joint might give a temporary relief. In-shoe “orthotics” might come in handy to relieve pressure on the toe enabling the toe and joint to function normally. In other cases splints can be worn to align the toe with wider shoes to remove pressure from the affected area. Hammertoe can be flexible or rigid and can occur on any of three middle toes. Due to the ligaments and tendons tightening up the toe is pulled upward. This causes pressure in that area and wearing shoes rubs the pain point causing corns. Treating complicated hammertoe condition For more chronically painful and deformed condition surgical treatment is required. The affected portion of the bone is removed and the tendon realigned accompanied by a joint capsulotomy. This helps relax the joint and the toe to straighten up. While it is in the healing process an absorbable pin is placed in the joint to sustain the realignment. Post-surgery swelling and joint stiffness maybe experienced with slow movement. This can be corrected with physical therapy. The toe is covered with a flexible gauze to keep the toe in the appropriate position. A surgical shoe is recommended for the first two to three weeks post- surgery.

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For more hammertoe treatment and nail treatments in Montgomery IL please refer to various websites which comprise of detailed explanation on the causes and treatment procedures. CONTACT US: Foot and Ankle Specialists 1851 Douglas Road Montgomery IL 60538 Phone: 630.892.0000 Fax: 815.436.8367

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