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Chemical Reaction and Equations:

Name- Soptavik Samanta Class-X-A Roll no-37 Chemical Reaction and Equations

Chemical equations are written in 3 forms:

Sentence form Word form Symbolic form Chemical equations are written in 3 forms

Sentence form:

Sentence form when magnesium ribbon burns in air it forms magnesium oxide – chemical equation expressed in a sentence form BACK

Word Equations:

BACK Word Equations

Symbolic equation:

BACK Symbolic equation

Reactants :

Substance undergoing chemical change in a reaction ,they have a + sign between them and they are written on left hand side (LHS) of the equation. BACK Reactants


The new substance is formed in reaction, they too have a + sign between them and they are written on the right hand side (RHS) of the reaction. BACK Products

Arrow :

Points towards the products and give direction of the reaction. BACK Arrow

Law of conservation of mass:

Mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical in a chemical reaction that is, the total mass of substances in the products side should be equal to the total mass of substances in the reaction side. In other words, the total no of atoms of each element on the products side should be equal to the total no of atoms in reactants. L aw of conservation of mass

Some balanced equations.:

Some balanced equations .

Types of chemical reaction :

Combination reaction Decomposition reaction Displacement reaction Double displacement reaction Precipitation reaction T ypes of chemical reaction

Combination reaction:

When two or more substances (element or compounds) combine to form a single product it is called a combination reaction. BACK Combination reaction

Decomposition reaction:

Reaction in which a single substance forms two more substance. BACK Decomposition reaction

Displacement reaction :

Reaction in which a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal from its salt solution BACK Displacement reaction

Double displacement reaction:

A reaction in which exchange of ions takes place between the reactants is called double displacement reaction BACK D ouble displacement reaction

Precipitation reaction:

A reaction in which an isolated solid is formed in the reaction is called precipitation reaction BACK Precipitation reaction

Oxidation reduction reaction:

Oxidation Reduction Redox Corrosion Oxidation reduction reaction


Addition of oxygen to a subs, or removal of hydrogen from a subs BACK O xidation


Removal of oxygen from a subs, or addition of hydrogen to a subs. BACK Reduction

Redox :

Reaction in which substance undergo oxidation and reduction simultaneously in a chemical reaction. BACK Redox

Corrosion :

When metals are attacked by moisture and acids they corrode, and the process is called corrosion BACK C orrosion

Periodic table:

Periodic table

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