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Foamed Plastics Market – Global Industry Insights Trends And Forecast 2017-2025 Foamed Plastics Market: Introduction Foamed plastics are synthetic resins that are changed into a sponge like mass with an open- cell or closed-cell structure any of structure may be may be rigid or flexible that are used for different products including thermal insulation sponges cushioning materials panels for

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buildings furniture air filters toys lightweight beams and plastic boats. Under appropriate conditions almost any thermoplastic or thermosetting resin can be changed into a foam. Plastics that are commonly foamed include polyethylene silicones vinyls polystyrene phenolics cellulose acetate and urethanes. Request to sample copy for this Report Foams with a closed-cell structure are manufactured by integrating a blowing agent which decomposes at the fusion point of the plastic that releases gas bubbles which are trapped during the gelling’s. Foams having an open-cell structure are produced by combining an inert gas into the resin under pressure and which later releases the mixture to the atmosphere that cures the resulting foam. Market Dynamics The foamed plastics market is majorly driven by the growing demand from automotive furniture bedding and packaging applications. The key driving factor for foamed plastics market are the various properties foamed plastics offer such as stiffness and strength are comparatively very high thermal insulating properties maintenance cost is very low and light weight. Foamed plastics are highly flammable and releases toxic gases after the combustion and manufacturing cost and production time are the key factors that are anticipated to hamper the market growth in near future. Market Segmentation The foamed plastics market has been categorized into type end-use industries and geography. On the basis of type the market is segmented into polystyrene foam PVC foam polyolefin foam melamin foam polyurethane foam and phenolic foam among others. Based on end-use industries the market is categorized into infrastructure automotive packaging furniture bedding footwear and sports recreational among others. Polystyrene foam is further categorized into expandable polystyrene foam and extruded polystyrene foam. Polyolefin foam is further divided into polyethylene foam polypropylene foam and EVA form. Polyurethane is anticipated to hold the largest market share over the forecast period. Flexible polyurethane foam will lead the market owing to the growing demand due to its alternatives through 2025 due to the growing demand from bedding and carpet industries. Rigid polyurethane is gaining the high demand as it is one of the most effective materials that is available for insulated windows and doors roof and wall insulation and air barrier sealants.

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For more information about this report Regional Analysis North America accounted for the highest market share in the year 2017. The infrastructure sector is anticipated to enjoy particularly robust growth projections as a significant growth in construction activity is expected to generate noteworthy growth opportunities for foam insulation products. Rapid growth in new housing activities coupled with rising consumer spending will further enhance the foams used in various household products such as furniture bedding and appliances. Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow with a highest CAGR during the forecast period. This is majorly driven due to the various regulations put up by governing bodies in this region such as China came up with a regulation regarding the increase in the usage of insulation materials in the automotive industries. Foamed Plastics Market: Key Players The key players in foamed plastics market Recticel The DOW Chemical Company Armacell international S.A. JSP BASF SE Rogers Corproration Arkema Borealis AG Zotefoams PLC Sealed Air and Synthos S.A among other key players. About Us: Insights and Reports is a research and consulting group assisting the clients with 360-degree insights with real time qualitative and quantitative information. The Insights and Reports team is valued for continuous client-oriented services. Our data scientists monitor the markets pertaining to their expertise on a daily basis with the help of 150+ analysts to back them with accurate market studies. Contact Us: Mr.Saby Insights And Reports 2201 Cooperative Way 600 Herndon VA 20171 USA. Tel: +1 703 574 4447

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