Starch Based Bio-Plastic Market

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Starch Based Bio-Plastic Market – Global Industry Insights Trends And Forecast 2017-2025 Starch Based Bio-Plastic Market

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Starch Based Bio-Plastic Market: Introduction Starch based bio-plastic are manufactured by the usage of various renewable sources such as wood potatoes corn and others. The growth of starch based bio-plastic market will ensure the decrease in usage of synthetic or petroleum based plastics along with controlling waste as they provide similar benefits in comparison to traditional plastics. The starch based bio- plastics market is expected to propel during the forecast period due to its growing demand as packaging material in various segments such as loose-fill foam laminated paper baby diapers trash bags egg cartons toys in agricultural tools such as planters and others. Request for copy of this report sample/229 According to United States Department of Agriculture USDA in 2016 the United States has produced over 300 million tons of waste and approximately 11 of the waste were directly from plastics and other plastics composites. Thus according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA the use of bio based plastics is in various end-use industry is expected to slow down the growth of unrenewable plastics. For instance the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA mandated the use of mulch films which are made from starch based bio-plastic in agriculture and horticulture which helps to prevent the soil from erosion and loss of humus keeping the carbon content stable. The starch based bio-plastic market is also anticipated to rise owing to rising demand in consumer goods beverages and food items coupled with the rise in ready-to-eat meals and bottled beverages such as fruit juices and carbonated drinks. According to the Food and Drugs Administration FDA one-third of U.S. consumers spends US 167 billion a year on food drinks and personal care products which are consumer packaged products. Some of the companies which are in regular use of starch based bio-plastic are Coca-Cola Levissima - Nestle Waters and others. Starch based Bio-Plastic: The Sustainable Future Starch is used in numerous green materials which are available in the form of polysaccharides which are extracted from various sources such as wheat pea corn potato rice tapioca and others. The starch based bio-plastic market is expected to grow due to increasing demand for starch blends with compostable plastics such as PBAT PLA PBS PHA and PCL among others. The starch blends improves the mechanical properties water resistance of the films and processing properties. Thus the starch based bio-plastic market

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is anticipated to flourish due to its dominance as compostable and bio-based material in various application such as films for food packaging in food containers such as cups egg trays plates bowls and others. According to the European Bio-plastics Organization in 2017 the production capacity of bio- plastics was accounted to be 2.05 million tons while starch based bio-plastic had a major share of 38 followed by cellulose based bio-plastics. The starch based bio-plastic market is expected to be hampered due to its higher price than cellulose based as cellulose could be found in every part of a plant and are in-expensive to extract and compromises of the same glucose monomer units like starch. Thus the starch based bio-plastic market is likely to be affected with its substitute such as cellulose lignin and others. For more information about this report reports/starch-based-bio-plastic-market Regional Acumens: The starch based bio-plastic market is anticipated to be dominated by Europe followed by Asia Pacific and North America. Europe is expected to dominate the market due to its growing application into end-use industries such as electronics pharmaceuticals and others. The non- toxicity improved biocompatibility mechanical and degradation properties of starch based bio-plastic has helped it to enter biomedical as it is analogous to LDPE low-density polyethylene which are widely used in biomedical devices such as catheter infusion pump syringe pulse oximeter medical gloves glucose meter and others. According to the International Trade Administration in 2017 Germany followed by Netherlands Belgium stands as the top countries on use biomedical devices with a market size of US 33.8 billion for Germany in 2017 the starch based bio-plastic market is expected to propel with its vast application areas in biomedical devices pharmaceuticals and others. Market Players: Various innovations towards the rising use of starch based bio-plastic is expected to boost the market. For instance Green Dot Bioplastics LLC has manufactured mobile phone cases which are used for cell phone packaging and are composed of starch based plastic. Major players for starch based bio-plastic market include NatureWorks LLC Metabolix Inc. Corbion NV Meredian Holdings Group Inc. and HARBEC Inc among others.

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