Bio-Based Polypropylene (PP) Packaging Market

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Bio-Based Polypropylene PP Packaging Market – Global Industry Insights Trends And Forecast 2017- 2025 Bio-Based Polypropylene PP Packaging Market: Introduction

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Bio-based polypropylene PP is a thermoplastic polymer that has been extracted from beet corn and sugarcane. PP has been produced by fermentation or from gasification and are stretchable and lightweight. They are primarily being used in automobiles medical devices packaging textiles and pipe systems. Further bio-based polypropylene is being excreted and stretched to form biaxially oriented polypropylene BOPP which has more strength and better clarity when it is compared with synthetic polypropylene. They are primarily being used in the packaging of food products like vegetables and meats. High demand for advanced materials used in packaging food products due to lower emissions and recyclable is also anticipated to benefit this. In addition it can render the process of coating printing and laminating much easier. Request for copy of this report sample/258 Market Dynamics The Bio-Based Polypropylene PP Packaging Market is in the nascent stage and is growing at a significant pace. Bio based polypropylene has emerged as a substitute for synthetic polypropylene due to various health hazards like headache allergies dizziness or nausea have been associated with the production and use of synthetic polypropylene. The market is witnessing growth with the increasing need to reduce GHG emissions and growth of the bio plastics industry. In addition with the growing regulatory initiatives for the reduction of GHG emissions like replacement of tinplate containers for Chocolate drink powder to Polypropylene PP Containers that reduces GHG emissions by 56.36 and rising promotion for the use of bio plastics are expected to have a positive impact across the industry. Rising adoption of sustainable packaging solutions due to the government policies for the safety of environment growing environmental concerns and increasing public awareness led to the market growth during the forecast period. However with the presence of various substitutes such as polylactic acid PLA and bio-based PET act as the hindrance for the market growth. Segmentation Analysis Bio-based polypropylene is becoming a preferred packaging solution for healthcare and food beverages industry as this packaging material is fiber-free and is water and moisture resistant. The increasing demand for the bio-based packaging in food beverage industry is the key driver for the market and is being widely adopted due to its high impact resistance flexibility good optical property and low sealing threshold. Moreover the availability of

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polypropylene at a reasonable price is another key factor for its increasing adaptability across various packaging industry. Regional Insights Europe is dominating the market followed by the North America in terms of both production and demand. The growth in North America region is due to the progressive regulations for bio-based polymers that are being implemented by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency EPA. APAC is emerging as the potential market due to the growing demand of packaging in pharmaceutical industries. In addition the Middle East and Africa regions are also likely to boost the demand for bio-based polypropylene due to the rising prices of petroleum-based chemicals due to a volatile crude oil market. For more information about this report packaging-market Competitive Landscape The market is highly fragmented due to the presence of various large and small-scale vendors across the globe. The key players that offers the bio-based polypropylene packing globally include Global Bioenergies Dow Chemicals Braskem S.A. Trellis Earth Products Inc. Biobent Polymers and others. For instance in December Bioenergies a France based company has initiated the production of bio-based propylene with advanced process named direct fermentation. The players in the Bio-based polypropylene packaging market adopt various strategies include enhancement of new product partnerships mergers agreements and procurement to grow in the market. For instance in April 2018 Braskem announce to expand the renewable plastics research with Boston operation. The Boston operation will further boost the innovations in Braskems biotechnology and advanced-materials sectors. Thus the players are continuously adopting new materials and are focusing on developing products that reduces carbon footprints.

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