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Sophia Cecola has over thirty years of experience working for charities in the Illinois area. She has featured several boards of directors and has helped ensure success for charities in relation to their goals of providing support. Sophia Cecola's surfboard business has recently partnered with Amazon and is expanding globally.


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Sophia Cecola:

Sophia Cecola A Business O wner

Owner of a Beach Lifestyle Company :

Owner of a Beach Lifestyle Company Sophia Cecola is now the owner South Bay Board Co, a beach lifestyle company that is in the process of global expansion . She has plans to continue expanding the range of products offered by her company to support its expansion.

Director of Allendale Shelter Club:

D irector of Allendale Shelter Club As a director of Allendale Shelter Club, Sophia Cecola helped the charity to flourish through difficult times and ensured the reach of the projects wasn't diminished.

As a Business Owner:

As a Business Owner South Bay Board Co is the brainchild of business owner Sophia Cecola. This exciting new company has recently been made an Amazon partner and is currently in the process of expanding beyond the United States.

Well-Traveled Woman:

Well-Traveled Woman Sophia Cecola is a well-traveled business owner who has been fortunate enough to see some of the world's most beautiful places. Sophia Cecola loved visiting Bali, Indonesia.

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