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Cowhide rugs come in different types. One of the most popular of these types is cowhide patchwork rugs. These rugs are basically made from different cut or leftover pieces of cowhide sewn together.https://goo.gl/ExTnhN


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SOME OF THE WAYS AND TIPS IN CLEANING AND MAINTAINING COW HIDE RUGS Cowhide rugs can be a focal piece in your home. While there are a number of ways that you can use it here are few of them 1. This can be used on stone wood as well as tile to keep the place warm specifically during winters 2. Decorate the chair couch by draping them on the back 3. When placed on the walls they add warmth texture and color to the home These are known for multiple uses unlike other rugs that can be only placed on the floor. Cowhide patchwork rugs have elaborate designs on them making them look fancy. What most of us don’t consider is the maintenance and cleanliness of them to ensure that they last for a very long time. Here are few things that are a complete no with cowhide rugs 1. Display them in areas where there is a lot of sunlight 2. Use of them in the high traffic areas of the house 3. Display them in the part of the home where there is a lot of moisture

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Here are few tips that will enable you to keep the rugs for a longer period of time 1. They are very simple to clean in comparison to other rugs. Does not use the vacuum to clean them rather just pick it up and dust it. Do not beat them with a bar. A mild shake will easily take off the dust and provide the breathing space to the rugs. 2. If your rug has fur gently clean them with the specific brush that is created for their cleaning 3. One of the easy and quick methods of fleshing up the rugs is spraying it with a solution that is a mix of 95 of water and 5 of white vinegar. Spray one part at a time and clean is with a dry sponge as soon as you spray it. Be careful of the brands available in the market that mention that the solution is organic however it is not necessary 4. There are a number of conditioners available in the market that can be used specifically if you have a leather rug 5. The most important thing is to offer ample air to the cowhide rug at least one a week so that it can breathe and avoid smelling. For More Details: http://www.blackswannaturalrugs.com/cowhide-designer-rugs.html

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